Why Sting Should Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 31


For the next few weeks I’m going to give my views on why I feel that a certain individual should have the privilege of facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Since this particular match causes such polar opinions, I’m excited to write about it. I hope that you find points that you can agree with, and I also hope you have points that you disagree with. After this series is over, my goal is for all of us to have a better idea about who the deserving individual is to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31.

The first individual that comes to mind is the man I mentioned in the title of this post, Sting. I love the fact that a match between these two causes such a strong reaction. I’m going to tackle a couple of reasons why I feel this match is necessary. The first reason that comes to mind is the dark, mysterious gimmicks they both have. Sting has said that he thinks they could do some pretty cool stuff between his gimmick and Taker’s, and I completely agree. I feel like the best way to introduce Sting would be right after Taker’s match at Wrestlemania 30. The bell rings, Undertaker’s hand is raised in victory and 22-0 shows on the Titantron. As he kneels down to stick out his arm and his tongue, every light in the arena goes dark. On the Tron comes a video that is eerily similar to the 2-21-11 promo, except this time we see a figure walking toward the house carrying Sting’s signature baseball bat. As he walks up the steps and stops at the door, a scorpion crawls across his foot. He opens the door and we see him stop at items that are synonymous with the Undertaker’s career. His big black hat, the Urn, and maybe the old ties he used to wear. As he reaches for one of these items, he would be wearing the “Mechanics” gloves he has worn for quite a while. Everyone who knew of Sting before this promo would be losing their minds at this point. A lightning bolt flashes and the last thing we see is the reflection of Sting in a mirror, which has written on it the numbers 22-1. This would represent Sting coming into Undertaker’s “Yard” that he used to talk about when he was the American Bad Ass.

I feel like this or something similar would be a good way to set up this match for two reasons. One reason is because the WWE is not afraid to set up a match a year in advance. They booked John Cena vs. The Rock for Wrestlemania 28 shortly after Wrestlemania 27. The second reason is because there were so many people that were hoping the 2-21-11 promo was for Sting, that it’d be fun for them to see it play out similar to what they had hoped for originally. As long as there was a lot of symbolism used, I feel like that would get the job done. The less Sting speaks in the beginning, the better. It would cause his words to mean so much more when he finally did.


The next reason pertains to the match itself. I’ve heard plenty of people say that Sting wouldn’t be able to have a good match with the Undertaker. If you’re basing that thought solely on what we saw him do most recently in TNA, then I might be inclined to agree. I have to say I disagree with that thought though. If Sting had an entire year to prepare, don’t you think he could turn out just as quality of a match as Taker continues to do every year? I do! Recently reports came out that Sting would be willing to go practice with Taker at his home in Texas to work on spots for the match. He pitched this idea with only 3 months before this year’s Wrestlemania. If he was willing to do this with only 3 months in advance, how much better would it be if they had an entire year to rehearse?! They both know that Wrestlemania is the grandest stage in all of professional wrestling. For someone to think that Sting would not give his all, knowing that this would most likely be his ONLY Wrestlemania, is off their rocker.

Between the gimmicks, the match itself and the nostalgia it would provide to all the old time fans who have known both of these men for many years, I feel like this would be a great choice for Wrestlemania 31. As long as the creative team took the time to have the vignette’s done tastefully, this could provide the same feeling we would have had if this match had happened 10 years ago. With the WWE being closer now than they’ve ever been to signing Sting, I feel like there’s no way this match can’t happen. Some fans will love every minute of it, some will feel like at this point it’s too late. I feel like more people want to see it than not, and that’s why Sting should face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31.

  • Matt Kunka

    I feel this match could be possible next year. With Undertaker's remaining wrestlemania matches probably being counted on one hand, we have to think about the people who he hasn't faced. I'd love to see him square with Cena, The Rock and Daniel Bryan. Sting would be cool, too. Good article.

    • Tyler

      Looking at him this past week, it's getting really difficult to picture him going past next year. I know that we should never say "never" but he might be down to this year and next year's WM. This sucks because i totally agree with you and I want to see Cena/Taker and Daniel Bryan/Taker.

  • Tyler

    The best scenario that has been put out there. It would be one of the most epic set ups in the history of wrestling. Although this match has been talked about for what seems like forever, it has the potential to be the biggest draw in WrestleMania history.

    • James Peterson

      Thanks Tyler! I agree, it would be one of the biggest Mania matches in history.

  • robert delgado

    james i can see that happening 100%. i can not find any reason to disagree with anything you wrote.

    • James Peterson

      Thanks for the kind words Robert! I'm glad to know you enjoyed my article.

  • Jay Allen

    The set up you described to happen right after undertakers victory is perfect. I got hype just reading it. I think it should happen exactly like that. Sting vs the undertaker. The promo video alone, with the right music and narrator, would be epic itself. Definitely the most antisapated match in history

    • James Peterson

      I agree 100% Jay. I'm glad to know you enjoyed the setup that I've been dreaming about for quite a while. Only time will tell if we get to see this match, I just hope we do.

  • Timothy Wellington

    Omg yes just reading this has my so exsited I was young when Sting was in WCW and I started dreaming of this match I just hope it is still posible