Who Should Win The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This year at Wrestlemania we will have the first inaugural Andre the Giant battle royal. There haven’t been too many details explaining how this match is going to happen, only that the winner gets a trophy. Now while the winner is only awarded a trophy, that’s not the only recognition that they will receive. The winner will have also been booked to look strong and the win will increase the momentum of an established star or start building momentum for an up and coming star towards the goal of becoming a champion. While there are 30 entrants in this match, there are only so many that would be believable to win. My prediction is that it’s going to be one of these three men…

The first Superstar that comes to mind is more of a hope for me than a probable winner, and that Superstar is DolphZiggler. It’s been really hard to watch this guy go from World Champ to jobber all because of a concussion. I’ll never understand why they took the belt off of him during his first and only defense, but that’s a topic for another discussion. Dolph has been back on the winning train lately and that is a sign that he’s moving in the right direction. He’s been saying for weeks now that he is going to win this battle royal and there IS a chance he could do just that. The Showoff needs to get this win in order to be considered a serious contender again. Look for him to have a strong showing, but like I said, he’s more of a hope than an actual prediction.

My wildcard prediction would be Titus O’Neil. From what I can remember, he was the one that was pushing for a chance to have a singles push. Well, what better way to make an impact than to win the first ever Andre the Giant Battle Royal? His singles run so far has been forgettable to say the least and if he’s going to make in impact than he needs to find a way to make it happen soon. With his look, he has unlimited potential which is something that you can’t say about everybody. I think starting him off as a heel was a mistake, and it should have been Darren Young that turned on him. Either way, if he doesn’t win then he needs to have strong showing and be down in the final four to look formidable for any feud he has after Wrestlemania.


My final prediction is one that I’ve heard many people say as well, Alexander Rusev. Since “coming up” to the main roster, he has yet to do anything besides be in the Royal Rumble. He’s made plenty of appearances on Raw and Smackdown, cutting promos in his native language while his valet Lana translates (I’m assuming) what he has said into English. This one makes the most sense for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you want him to be introduced as a dominant big man then winning this Battle Royal is the best way to do it. Secondly, this match is named in honor of one of the biggest men to grace a WWE ring, Andre the Giant. If you’re going to have it in honor of a big man, then it would make the most sense to have the winner be a big man as well. If it was decided to go in that direction, that narrows it down to Big Show, Khali, and Mark Henry as the possible winners. While Rusev is my prediction to win, he has yet to be announced as an entrant in the match. I think this is another technique to make him look that much stronger when he does indeed enter and then proceed to win. If Fandango was capable of winning his debut match at Wrestlemania last year, then I see no issue with having Rusev win in his debut match this year.

While these are my predictions for the Battle Royal, there are still some entrants that must not be overlooked. Big Show is always a force to be reckoned with. Mark Henry is as tough as they come and the company sure loves to put Sheamus over often. I also hope to see Big E have a strong showing as well because he’s lost a lot of steam by not being on TV as often. If I had it my way, the final four would be Dolph, Big E, Titus O’Neil and Alexander Rusev. Have Big E toss Ziggler out because of their history, which could cause an extended feud in the process. Then in order to make Rusev look as strong as possible, have him eliminate Big E and Titus at the same time. After all is said and done, as long as Alberto Del Rio doesn’t win, I’d be happy with whatever happens. Who do you guys think should be the first Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner? Will the winner get more than just the trophy in the grand scheme of things?