Would You Buy Los Matadores?

I am a believer in the idea that if a gimmick does not seem to have the potential to main event WrestleMania, then it shouldn’t be introduced to the national audience. That being said, I thought exactly that about Fandango, but felt he really showed me how wrong I could be as I saw unlimited potential with the viciousness Fandango showed during the WrestleMania season against Jericho. I think Fandango’s original gimmick, before his theme song became ultra popular, where he would scream at people to say his name, very much like Muhammad Ali. Well this week on Raw we were told that Los Matadores will be debuting and in a week’s time I may be writing about how wrong I am  here, but this just seems like a terrible idea to me. It’s reminiscent of all the horrible gimmicks coming out during the mid 90′s, like Duke “The Dumpster” Drose, why would someone’s job before being a wrestler affect how they come to the ring? Nobody in the NBA comes down wearing a McDonald’s uniform, but someone must have worked there before


Not to mention the very blatant racism attached to this gimmick, because they’re Latino they’re matadors? They’d probably be coming out driving lawn mowers if that wasn’t already tried. Not that a wrestling matador is the worst gimmick I’ve ever heard of, matadors are at least athletes before coming to the WWE, but it’s just really goofy. Plus the costumes we’ve seen on the duo in their promo videos look just awful, they look like children, they look like they’re playing games. They do not look like world class athletes working to make their way to the main event of WrestleMania; or really intimidating in any way. If wrestler’s don’t look intimidating, what in the hell are they doing on TV? If they don’t look like a concern to the audience, why would a champion be concerned with these 2?


If we look at wrestling as if it’s completely real for a second, which is how it should be looked at, why would the current champions, The Shield, guys who have dominated The Undertaker, being even slightly worried about two guys coming in wearing pink silk across their faces? And it’s not even like these wrestler’s are new, it’s Epico and Primo, we’ve seen them for years, so what’s different here? Now they’ve apparently been fighting bulls since we last saw them, honestly, does not make me want to buy more tickets. Did the WWE think the reason these two performers didn’t catch on with the audience is because they weren’t blatantly Latin enough? I’d been a hell of a lot more interested with these two if they took their leave, and went to a gym to learn a new fighting technique, came back with a whole new arsenal of moves, tag team moves we’ve never seen before.


Yet other than maybe a new finish, I don’t see these two doing anything new from the last time we saw them, again I hope I’m wrong. I remember after Brodus Clay was introduced as The Funkasaurus, I read online that the plan was for him to snap on Big Johnny a couple weeks later, saying that he was made to look like an idiot. While this made sense, it never happened, could that be the plan here? Could we see Epico and Primo getting mad with The McMahon’s and HHH for being made to look like idiots with this new gimmick. But if a week before they debut I’m thinking of the quickest exit strategy from this gimmick, I just cannot see that being a good indication for the gimmick. Obviously I’m not backstage, so I don’t know what the long term or even short term plans are.


And let’s not forget, this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen a matador gimmick in the WWE, and it didn’t even work the first time. Tito Santana, one hell of a talented wrestler was saddled with the gimmick of El Matador back in the early 90′s and it didn’t sell one ticket. Not that too many people cared about him before the gimmick, no disrespect to Santana but he was never the reason I bought the PPV. The only real good I can see coming from this new tag team of Los Matadores is that they may have the next big breakout catchphrase. Don’t act like I wouldn’t notice the repetition of the “ole” chants from the fake audience in their promo packages. Who know’s, maybe the audience will love saying “Ole” repeatedly and they could be huge money. But from I can see, these two men are dressed ridiculous, and I don’t understand how a history of fighting bulls translates into their high-flying wrestling style. Also El Generico’s catchphrase before being bought by WWE? Ole! Just something to think about.

  • robert delgado

    Hey nick I don’t get why your so sour on El Matadores. I think a lot of those characters you think stunk were actually great. Duke the dumpster, basion booger, kevin thorn/Mordecai and such were all great but you probably didn’t like them. I think the El Matadores will turn out way better than Brodus Clay did. They just gotta. I personally want MORE characters and LESS of the WCW non character characters that WWE tried to coppy and is still trying to recover from even today. Thats why you should be happy for El Matadores, they’re coming to the new world for you….to save you from de boredom bull of non characters WWE. OLE’ OLE’ OLE’!

    • Nick Wildey

      I like Brodus Clay’s character, I think he’s fun. While characters do help make a more entertaining product, but take Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, even John Cena, these guys are characters, but they feel like real people. Real enough to suspend your disbelief. My problem with Los Matadores is that they look like cartoons, which makes WWE look more a circus than a sport. And even for cartoons these two look weak.

  • Phill

    Undertaker? Kane? Mankind? Doink? Eugene? Macho Man? Ultimate Warrior? Million Dollar Man? Piper? Vader?
    I could write a endless list of "characters" that were not only successful for the product, but were taken seriously. BTW I'm not into Los Matadores, I happen to think they look pretty weak too. but don't for one second think a character can't get over. Its all about the wrestler making you believe in them. WWE wants to make these guys a viable high flying tag team. They lacked personality as primo and epico so let's give them a shot as Los Matadores? I doubt they'll ever main event but that's cool because a good show needs decent lower and midcard talent, something WWE has forgotten.

    • Nick Wildey

      Phill I'm a big fan of characters, but the same with any TV show, I have to feel and care about them. These two do not look like they have the ability to make me care simply with how ridiculous they've been dressed. I'm all for giving talent a shot, but I don't see any money in these characters, just my opinion

  • Dare

    Hey Nick. I think you should give them a chance. Your articles are usually great and a lot of people buy into everything you say. This article could slaughter them even before their debut. This is a fresh start for them let’s support and give them a chance. I felt Fandango was really silly but now I really like the character. If Brodus clay isn’t a jobber I think he’ll be very over with fans. If Santino Marella is so over, every character has a chance. Just give them a few weeks.

  • Darren

    Call me crazy but I’m actually looking forward to the debut of Los Matadores just like I was Fandango. You guys are missing the point. Were people blogging about primo and Epic or Johnny Curtis NO. A change in gimmick good or bad got people blogging and talking. Now it’s up to primo and Epico to make something of it as Johnny did. Anyone remember Mean Mark in WCW. change in gimmick the undertaker he becomes one of the greatest of all time.

    • robert delgado

      Darren I agree with everything you said. No one gave a damn about Epico or Primo, maybe this will get them going. You were right no one bothered with Mean Mark Callous but Undertaker shot him to the moon. I love seeing either success of failure of someone new, if they have skills to pull it off.

  • Charlie

    This kills any hope in vince or hunter putting Sami Zayn back under the mask. Well, that is of course los matadores' OLE thing doesn't work and when Zayn debuts on tv the OLE chants get bigger

  • robert delgado

    This last day of September, Los Matadores have arrived in the new world! They are here, here to save you from boring WWE bull. They will gore boredom and say Ole’! You will come to thank Los Matadores for their braveness….*clap*clap*chest slap*look up & away* OLE’!

  • Josh w

    This gimmick blows. Puerto Rican bull fighters and a midget in a bull costume. Did anyone notice the crowd were chanting “BORING”? I was thinking , yeah it is.

  • Josh w

    Meh. Just another tag team I can take a piss break when they come out.