WrestleMania 30: The Ultimate Supercard

WM30 The big news at the end of this week was the announcement that Jeff Hardy might be done with TNA in January, this lead to the obvious “will he go back to WWE” questions. I don’t know about a full time return, but once I read it I did have a bit of happiness in me because I thought that WWE could take advantage of my idea for a SuperCard at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I have suggested they just use this year as a dream match deal instead of worrying too much about finishing long standing storylines. It’s a landmark moment, a milestone, so why not treat it as such? I immediately thought of different matches I would love to see on the card, some of which I’ve already written about before, one of which immediately got the question of “why would you want THAT?” There are so many options out there that could make this year’s WrestleMania the biggest event in WWE, and wrestling, history. I’m going to give a rundown of what matches and a basic explanation of why I would have said match on the card for this article, feel free to give me your thoughts after reading.

First, and most controversial, I would have Hogan versus Cena as one of the main events for the show. This is the match that typically receives the why reaction from people. I’ve laid out an entire article explaining my reasons for this matchup, so I’ll try to keep this one much shorter that some of the others. The primary reason is that shy of The Streak there’s really nothing else for Cena to do in his WWE career. A matchup of the ultimate good guy of the past and the ultimate good guy of the modern era would be less of a passing of the torch and more of a show of respect between these two behemoths. I admit, it wouldn’t be the prettiest match you’ll ever see, but it’s one of those matches people will question for ages. We don’t have a time machine to get Hogan in his prime, but we could at least see the man who helped make WWF into what it was face off with the man who has carried WWE since the end of the Attitude Era. One thing I pointed out before, Hogan’s name just belongs with WrestleMania, while HBK may be Mr. WrestleMania; Hogan is the Lord of the event. Cena, for better or worse, is the Hogan of this era, and IF Hogan can pull off that “one more match,” this is the only match I would care to see happen.

Next, one of the most popular ideas that have been losing a lot of steam would be Undertaker versus Sting. The obvious ending is that Sting takes the loss to Undertaker, but much like HBK, Punk, and Triple H, he would be made to look impressive in defeat. Both men are up there in age, but we’ve seen that once the lights come on at Mania there is NOBODY better than Undertaker does, and anyone who’s watched TNA knows that Sting still has some gas in the tank. While it’s not quite the match we would have seen years back, it’s still an intriguing matchup and could be another match of the year for Undertaker, as well as Sting’s first time earing that honor in a WWE ring. There is something to be said about Sting possibly ending his career as just about the only major name to have not gone to WWE at any point. As a fan, I hope this isn’t the case because I would LOVE to see this match happen, while it’s still physically possible. There are only so many matches that I would give damn near anything to see happen, in order to counteract the mediocrity we might get with a Hogan versus Cena match I would suggest this because neither man would want to chance that the match doesn’t come off well. You would have two great talents, in the twilight of their careers, going out and showing the young guys how it’s done.

My next matchup would be a tag title team match of EPIC proportions, a four way TLC match for the gold. My teams would be Matt and Jeff Hardy, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Cody and Goldust, and Swagger and Cesaro. I know some people are going to complain about the fact that I didn’t include The Shield of Harper and Rowan but I have a bigger idea for those particular workers that I’ll explain later. I think this group of teams could go over well in a TLC match. We know the Hardy’s can kill it, Cody has the skill and I don’t doubt the rejuvenated Goldust in a ladder match, Swagger and Cesaro are solid workers in just about any match, and the Uso’s are built for ladders. I would go ahead and start pushing Jimmy and Jey with a bit more edge, getting upset because they’re constantly overlooked in the division so they’re a tweener team. You would have the Rhodes boys as the good guys to counter the Real Americans heel characters, and Matt and Jeff are the legends who are in there trying to show they still have it. This would take people back to those Dudley, Hardy, E&C days, even if it were just for one night. With this much talent in the ring together, they may actually be able to rival Undertaker for match of the night.

The one match on this list that it looks like we may get this year is the battle of the best. Daniel Bryan versus CM Punk is the internet fans dream match. Yes, we’ve seen it a time or three, but never on this grand a scale. Put the best in the WWE up against the REAL best in the world, I would send them out and say burn the house down. Some people question my comment that I would give these men thirty minutes, my counter is to just look what an aged Undertaker and Shawn Michaels did in that amount of time. If you think, for one second, these men aren’t going to blow the doors off the building then you’re sorely mistaken. They have a history, they know each other, and their chemistry is amazing. I’d even go so far as to put the WWE title on the line between these two men. Cena takes the unified title at TLC, Bryan decides he wants another crack at Cena as champion and John obliges at Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan finally gets the gold and CM Punk goes on to win the Rumble setting up the title match for WrestleMania, absolutely perfect setup.

Another match I would like to see, although it’s apparently going to someone else, would have Goldberg returning to face Brock Lesnar. Lesnar would be the obviously heel, he would go on about how he has an unblemished record as in pro wrestling, except for one match. He could brag about how stellar his matches have been all along (he’s a heel, embellishing is a given) except for the night he faced “that hack Goldberg.” This would convince Goldberg to come out of retirement to defend his name, taking on Lesnar in a match that would give us what we expected originally between the two monsters. I know, we’re probably going to see Goldberg face off against Ryback, and I’m sure that can be made into a decent enough match, but I don’t really think Ryback has earned the rub that beating someone like Goldberg would give him. I would have a rematch with Mark Henry for Ryback, it seems more fitting and it could be Henry looking to prove he really IS the better worker. If we get Goldberg versus Ryback I would push for more than one match, have Goldberg beat him at Mania, then Ryback gets to go over at Extreme Rules.

My thoughts on The Shield are pretty simple; Triple H is the man pulling the strings on them right now, so he would be the man leading the Hounds of Justice into battle against The Devil and his henchmen of The Wyatt Family. The Devil character has been rumored to be Vince, Paul Heyman, or even Triple H himself, for this scenario; I would have it as none other than Vince McMahon. Vince shows up as the man supporting the Wyatt’s because he feels Triple H is getting too uppity and he feels that HIS trio is more dangerous. A six-man tornado tag match between these two teams would be a great addition to WrestleMania 30, Vince versus Triple H is a bonus without either having to set foot in the ring to work the match. I would have the match end with both teams looking strong, their beat down horribly with Harper, Rowan, Ambrose, and Rollins being taken out by the “medical staff” due to a massive spot. Bray is in the ring, dragging himself up by the ropes, Reigns is outside doing the same with the ring apron. Vince gets in Wyatt’s face telling him if he can’t finish the job then he’s useless, Triple is doing the same outside the ring to Reigns. Each man has enough, Reigns spears triple H through the guardrail and Wyatt hits his finisher on Vince onto a chair. The match ends in a draw as the last two men use the last of their strength to remove their controllers.

My “Divas” match would be a legendary matchup as well, although I will admit the likelihood of it happening is damn near impossible. I would bring in Madusa to face off against AJ Lee in a match that could be used to push AJ into the highest role of female wrestlers since the departure of Trish Stratus. My thought would be that Madusa brings in the old WWF Women’s title allowing AJ the chance to combine the title that Madusa never lost with the Divas title, bringing back the Women’s Championship over the Divas Championship. I would also be all for a matchup between Nattie Neidhart and a returning Kharma, or maybe Trish (if she’s healthy enough) taking on AJ who seems hell bent on downing the title of Diva in WWE. This is all in keeping with my idea of making the event a spectacle instead of focusing on continued storylines and whatnot. Yes, you would have a storyline leading into the show, but it wouldn’t have to be something that will lead to a long-term feud, just something to get a dream match out of different workers. I’m a fan of wrestling, not JUST sports entertainment, but these matches could very well be a great mix of the two elements that make WWE the great company that we’ve all come to know and love.

My last major spot on the card would require WWE to bring in a name I’ve been pushing for the last few months. I would love to see Matt Morgan brought into WWE once again and immediately heading on a collision course with the resident beast. My idea is that Big Show goes on a spree taking out a slew of people in the Rumble. He gets to a point where he’s the only one left in the ring and as he’s posing. Matt Morgan makes his return and gets in the ring to stare down Big Show, they battle back and forth for a minute, Show goes for the Knockout after whipping Morgan off the ropes, Morgan ducks, Show is near the ropes and Morgan hits his boot on him to flip Show out of the ring. This leads to Morgan going on about how Show’s time has passed and it’s time for a new man to take the mantle of Big Man in WWE. Show gets a few shots here and there, but at the end of the day, Morgan takes the win at WrestleMania to become the new Giant of the WWE, and hopefully he would be used more impressively than Big Show has in recent years once he takes over the role. The other option would be a Mentor versus Student match between the two at WrestleMania, but I like the heel Morgan idea better myself.

You could round out the card with many other matches, I would have Ryback face off with Langston for the IC title, Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a battle of the European tough guys, and although I’ve been against the idea for a while, I wouldn’t be against having a Money in the Bank match on the card again. You could put Mysterio, Sin Cara, Ziggler, Christian, Sandow, Orton, RVD, and maybe Kofi in the Money in the Bank match, making for an amazing battle for a potential new main event star. With the talent already on their roster, and the talent available to bring in to work this one event, I feel that it would be wise to do the biggest event possible this year. You can go back to the regular stuff at 31 in Santa Clara, why would you not go for the biggest bang possible for the landmark 30th anniversary of the grandest event in pro wrestling? If WWE put this card together, how many people can honestly say they would have no interest and wouldn’t pay to see WrestleMania this year? A card stacked this heavily there would be at least one match on the card that just about any fan could want to see, and it would allow for some dream match situations that we’re not too likely to have a chance to see if they’re not done now. Feel free to let me know if I forgot anything, or if you would change anything on my card in the comments.

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Top TO Bottom Counter

  • Dare

    I got to Cena vs Hogan and stopped reading. Give it a rest.

  • jblack424

    Hogan vs cena cause cena has nothing left to prove besides taker. Hogan is a beaten down 60 year old man. It won’t be entertaining and no matter how booked it looks terrible. Even with nwo reunion would be a disaster.
    Ill give you quick card off top of my head and why.

    Main event cena vs taker streak for wwe world hw title. If taker wins he retires unbeaten at wm and the wwe worldchampion . If cena wins he tuturns heel (if not have taker win) ends streak and give him an edgey character who joins the authority.

    Dx (hbk and hhh) vs punk and bryan.

    Wyatts vs shield would be cool but it would likely break up shield and I would want them to stay inttact.

    Sting vs ambrose to retire us title.
    Rollins vs cara vs rey mysterio vs justin gabriel cruiserweight title.
    Reigns vs goldberg.
    I’m guessing not rock so brock lesnar(face) vs sheamus.
    I’d have wyatts vs face hogan, face show, kane (to finish wyatt story),
    Ic title big e vs ryback vs mark henry.
    Tlc tag title match I agree americans, rhodes, hardys and usos
    Divas aj vs natayla.
    I know I don’t have ziggler, kofi, miz, sandow, or delrio but if you want make 8man elimination match for ic title.

  • http://Wwe.con Azazel

    Brock lesnar vs batista for wwe world heavyweight championship
    The undertaker vs Goldberg for the streak
    Cm punk vs Daniel Brian
    Triple h vs randy orton for end of an era street fight
    The shield vs the wyatt family for wwe tagteam championships
    Bray wyatt vs Kane in a casket inferno match
    Aj lee vs trish stratus
    Big e Langston vs miz vs dolph ziggler vs Damien sandow in intercontinental fatal four way elimination match

  • http://Wwe.con Azazel

    Or bray wyatt vs undertaker would be damn awesome with brock vs batista vs Goldberg for the title.. Either way… Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!