WrestleMania Press Conference To No One

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I have a confession to make, I’ve never actually sat down and watched a WWE press conference. I always thing terribly boring when I think press conferences, though the clips I’ve seen have all looked fun. Also, I have to admit that I’m a night owl and sleep late, and that’s not conducive to being up and hunting down press conferences online. But, with the WWE Network, it was so easy! I was able to loll in bed watching it on my phone! Isn’t technology great? While watching the press conference I was struck with a number of things that I just need to get off my chest.

First off, the clips I’d seen of WWE press conferences were always fun, with audience participation. I was shocked to see how quiet the media in attendance was for this WrestleMania XXX press conference. There seemed to be very few people there who knew anything about the WWE. Cole led the whole thing, and was perfectly Cole, always saying and doing the right things; but he was boring! He did nothing to liven the mood at all.


Steph came out and acted as though the media was louder than they were. She handled it like a pro and reflected on her history as both a businesswoman and fan, but was rather boring. Her anecdote about being a little girl at the first WrestleMania, and watching her good friend Andre The Giant was sweet, and while the perfect time to talk about it, I have to admit that I know the story and she didn’t put much real emotion behind it. I will say that Steph looked beautiful in a blue dress, pushing aside her power suit and showing some femininity, something her father could never do, but I think that Vince McMahon could have breathed more life into the segment, and got the media behind him better than Steph did. I know this is her way of stepping up and taking the helm, but she came across as too polished and not real enough to relate to anyone.

Hulk Hogan was the incomparable Hulk Hogan! The fans barely reacted, but he just kept going. He worked the quiet crowd as if they were huge, and just kept going. While not exciting, he didn’t get at all ruffled by the quiet reporters, and that comes with time in the industry.

Triple H was corporate Trip. He talked the talk, and he walked the walk, but he wasn’t really The Game! He wasn’t the Cerebral Assassin! As a businessman, he talked up Bryan, but when he tried to change hats, he was still corporate Trip, and not the performer he was claiming he was. Now, I love Trip, and I found it quite interesting that Cole introduced him as Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. Now, we all know that’s his name, it’s just that even when Steph refers to him on TV, it’s always as Hunter. I know they’re playing characters, but I always shocked that no one messes up, and that they used his real name for the press conference.


I had always hoped to never see Bryan in a suit, yet they suited him up for this press conference. I love that Bryan made a joke of how he looked in the suit, but I thought it was a horrible thing to do to the Goat. Bryan is one of those people that just shouldn’t wear a suit. I can’t even imagine him in a suit at his wedding to Brie! He looked uncomfortable all the way around, but he sold it to the best of his ability. His silly grin kept popping out, but I’m getting used to that happening when he’s in awe of the fans chanting “YES!” “YES!” “YES!” as well as when he’s uncomfortable with something. All in all Bryan was endearing, as he always is, though I do have to say that they really ruined storyline from last night on RAW. How could Bryan be scheduled for this press conference if he was also sent ahead to New Orleans to prepare for WrestleMania XXX? Oops!

Batista stole the show for me. This is the second time in a week that Batista has won me over, the first being his interview, and then this. Batista came out with a piece of paper with what he was supposed to say, but then says he was told to speak from his heart, which is a good thing because whoever wrote that piece of crap should be fired, unless it was Steph, of course. Then Batista plays both himself and a fan yelling smack at him. He pulled out both Boo-tista, and his skinny jeans, then talked about how his skinny jeans have a Tweeter. Someone obviously corrected him, because he went on about showing his age, not knowing it’s Twitter. Batista was silly, fun and endearing while getting all the info across that he needed to, and brought the media more into the entire show. Honestly, I never thought I’d say this, but Batista saved the press conference.

Orton was typical robotic Orton. Coming after Batista, it showed just how boring Orton really is. The man came out, said what he needed to say, and then left. You would think after seeing what a goofball Cowboy Bob Orton can be that Randy might have inherited some of his personality or charisma, but no, he’s a boring robot. I thought after the laughter and personality we saw from Orton last week on RAW that maybe he’d grown a bit, but nope!

Cena was as charming and endearing as ever. The man was born to be in front of an audience, but so was father, so it makes perfect sense. The way he talked about spending his morning with Hogan, and how they met a fan who was so excited that he was there live at WrestleMania 3, and how huge it was. The fan was all excited because he was THERE! Cena and Hogan talked to him, but he was so excited because, “I was THERE!” and Hogan didn’t understand! Cena laughed about it because Hogan was actually in the ring in the middle of it all. What touched Cena was that this fan was still so excited about a moment that was 27 years old, but still meant so much to him. That is what WrestleMania is all about.  The performers and producers do everything they can to deliver us a chance each year to say, “I WAS THERE”.  We hear people today still pumped up about old Wrestlemanias, we can’t help but think what new moments we will have to talk about for years to come.  WWE gives us more memories than we sometimes give them credit for.  Cena hit the nail on the head, as he always does, and was charismatic in how he handled the media.


After everyone talked they all came out for a photo shoot. I couldn’t get over how little Bryan looked compared to the rest of the Superstars. Bryan was adorable in that whenever he was posing with Trip, he kept smiling. He just couldn’t keep a straight face, but it is who he is, so it worked. Bryan just isn’t the stare down guy most of the time. So they’re all lined up out there, all the Superstars who spoke, Steph in the middle, and Bryan is the same height as Steph. Then the rest of the Superstars who were there came out, and of course Khali had to go stand by Bryan! Are they doing everything possible to make Bryan look like an underdog? But when the Bellas came out, Brie immediately went to Bryan. I noticed that Trip and Steph were cuddled up, Bryan and Brie were cuddled up, but Nikki had her arm around Nattie, nowhere near Cena. Just the way things ended up, or telling of their romantic future? Only time will tell.

While the media in attendance was not as into the WWE Superstars as I’d have hoped, and it took Batista to save the press conference, this won’t be the last one I will watch. After this, I’m excited to see more, and willing to roll out of bed early enough to catch them. It’s interesting to see the WWE Superstars out of their element, but still mostly in character. It’s an interesting dichotomy, and needs more investigation on my part.

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  • Matt

    I’m glad you finally watched a press conference. They’re usually more fun and vocal than this one. But, this was still a good one. Weird saying Batista stole the show, but he did!!