Wrestlemania: Stop Reaching to the Past and Build For the Future

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With Wrestlemania season fast approaching, the reports are starting to flood in for rumors of what matches may or may not take place.  As always Vince is reaching to put on the best show he possibly can.  The problem that I have is, in order to produce the best buyrates he possibly can, Vince is doing what has found him success the last few years.  McMahon is reaching to past WWE superstars to fill some of the main event spots.  Rumors have it that WWE’s CEO is trying to make a deals with The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and Stone Cold Steve Austin to really build up the card.  While I am just as much a mark for these guys as anyone else, I think it’s time to stop reaching into the past to make our Wrestlemania’s great.  It is time we started building stars for this generation, and making those men the new icons.

 It seems like the last several years of Wrestlemania have been reaching out to past icons to make Wrestlemania great.  One star specifically comes to mind: The Rock.  Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson has been involved, to some degree, in the last three Wrestlemanias.  He started getting involved at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta where he acted as the “Wrestlemania Host.” Rocky then ended up getting main event matches at Wrestlemania with John Cena the following two years.  It can’t be questioned that his presence helped boost Wrestlemania hype and buys.  However, looking to recreated this year after year with part time and retired talent is not something I would enjoy seeing.  At least not in the main events.


 Using part time talent and paying them through the nose sets a bad precedence.  Moreover, it stunts the growth potential of current stars.  Giving a spot in the main event at Wrestlemania to a part timer or a retired talent takes away from current talent. Yes, an argument can be made that if done right it can help really put over a young superstar.  I will concede that point, but making a habit out of it will hurt the business.  When you rely on people outside the company to sell your biggest event, you’re making the statement that your current roster and creative staff isn’t capable of delivering. Bringing in stars is a great idea, but doing it every single year is overkill.  Especially if WWE manages to get Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, and Goldberg.  Not to mention they are still trying to get The Rock back for another Wrestlemania.  I’m surprised if they have room on the card for any regular workers!  The fact of the matter is, you give a part time talent a spot on the card at Wrestlemania, that means you’re taking away a spot from a current WWE superstar.  A Dolph Ziggler, a Zack Ryder, a Kofi Kingston.  Guys that MAY have turned that Wrestlemania spot into “their moment.” Guys that deserve to be in the biggest event of the year because they worked day in and day out, every single week, all year just to hopefully beat out the other superstars on the roster.  Now those guys have to worry about losing their spot to part time talent? That’s completely unfair.

Sad Dolph Ziggler is sad

Sad Dolph Ziggler is sad

WWE needs to work harder NOW to build up the superstars of today.  They are fumbling the ball with their top stars, which is costing us icons.  Don’t believe me?  CM Punk was champion for 434 days, then proceeded to rack up loss after loss after loss.  He lost to Cena, Undertaker, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, even Paul Heyman.  Why?  This is one of your best wrestlers on the roster, why are you using him to put other main eventers over?  There is no doubt Punk has dropped from looking like “the guy.” Yes, he is still a main eventer, hands down, but he doesn’t feel like a priority right now.  Need another example?  I got two words for ya!  …Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan was (and arguably still is) more over than any wrestler I’ve seen in the last 15 years.  This summer the fans were rabbid to see Daniel Bryan with the WWE championship.  WWE got the ball handed them, and threw it in the trashcan.  They used Daniel Bryan’s reaction with the crowd to thrust Randy Orton back into the main event, then tossed him aside.  They teased Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title, then took it away, they teased it again…and took it away, again.  They did this three or four times!  Then when the fans were starting to get impatient with the angle what did they do?  They took Daniel Bryan, the whole reason fans were interested in the WWE Championship hunt in the first place, and wrote him out!  They put him in a rivalry with the midcard trio of the Wyatt Family.  People can make the argument that the Wyatts are on the rise, but the fact of the matter is that up until now they have been a midcard trio.  They had the chance to strike gold with Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion!  The timing was right, the fans were literally screaming for it, and they passed it up for a boring Randy Orton WWE Championship run.  I can’t understand the logic!  We need to build for the future, so we can stop reaching to the past!  If they don’t, eventually they are going to run out of wrestlers who can come back to bail them out.


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