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1469833_10151866336478717_147431962_n  As most of you know, where I live has some of there greatest indie wrestling in the country.  While I don’t meant to come off that I’m boasting in this article, it might come across that way.  Here is my issue:  I have come across so many people who say “they are huge wrestling fans” but yet have never been to a single indie.  To that I say, “You don’t like wrestling, you like production.”

Now, now relax.  Take a step back and hear me out.  I was hesitant on writing this but I heard Stone Cold on his podcast (which if you haven’t listened to it and you call yourself a wrestling fan is a completely different issue) talked about how wrestling is completely produced.  Basically, just confirming my thoughts on the current WWE product and how WWE should let them be themselves.  I completely agree.


I understand that not everyone can see an indie where they live.  Like I said I am privileged where I live.  I’m pretty sure if I looked hard enough I could go to a show every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on any given weekend and for sure at least one show every weekend if I had the money, means, and wife that wouldn’t kill me.  When I have friends who live near me or in Chicago say indies don’t interest them because nothing good happens. It drives me nuts.  Brings me to my point of you like Production not wrestling.  Let’s not get confused here.  My biggest problem with ROH is the production value.  They just look like garbage on TV.  WWE has hands down the the greatest arena set up on TV.  It makes their product look great.  I’m talking about how everything on WWE is controlled.  The characters, the gimmicks, what’s said on the mic, what’s done in the ring, and outside of it.  There is no room anymore for a wrestler to be themselves.  That’s why your local indie is so great. Go out do your thing and if you’re good you get over.  If you suck, go back gather what you did wrong, reset and try again. 485780_10150914957487650_330664211_n

I have said many of times on this website I have met some great salt of the earth people.    I mean, I had a great time watching NXT and seeing a Brooks make a completely fool out of himself Emmaing.  I have also made some great friends in the indie scene.  There is so much more to the scene than just meeting friends but as I experienced over the weekend there are some huge idiots (putting it nicely) not to mention the ring rats.  I digress.  There are many reasons to go and why Indies are sometimes better than WWE.


Indies are the territories of wrestlings past.  A lot of the greats in wrestling even today have come from the territories.  Had I been smarted up a few years prior, Cm Punk was in my indie scene quite frequently.  In fact once I ever see the merchant again I can get a dvd of most if not all his matches in the multi state area.  Which brings me to this point.

Wrestlers in the indies can find their gimmick.  In the current WWE product they can’t do that.  Wrestlers need a chance to see what works and what doesn’t.  While I have been to quite a few Blizzard Brawls (which is regarded as the Wrestlemania of the indies) I still regard the show I went to this year before MITB one of the best I’ve ever been to.  It was called GLCW – The Snowman Cometh.  It was a show after a Al Snow Gut Check seminar where he helped local talent out in developing a good gimmick and a quality in ring product.  There couldn’t be more than 30 fans.  I have said many times it’s great to see wrestlers get their wheels turning and experimenting in that ring.  That’s the thing with indies wrestlers can mess up.  Like every public school and little league coach will tell you, “it’s about the effort.”  That’s exactly how I feel when I see a match in the indies.  Go ahead, fall flat on your face.  At least you aren’t playing it safe.  Go try a new move, tweak to your gimmick, or maybe change the psychology of the match.  There are many different things they can do obviously but like I said this is your time to have that match ask a veteran talent what’s the good, bad, and ugly.  Then go you and try it.


Speaking of veterans here is where I get a little boasting.  Since I have really delved deep into the indie scene here I have met some great names in the history of wrestling.  Heck, I was on the big screen at the Bradley Center with Dusty, Dibiase, and Brutus.  I ate gyros next to the Micker.  I have watched wrestling PPV’s in the bar with Armando and The Hurricane. Had shots with some great on the rise wrestlers like D.H. Smith.  Had the life scared out of me during a match with Rhyno.  Missed meeting Paul Bearer because the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing challenge go the best of me.  All possible because I have found my local scene and a touch of a well known and honest promotor (David Herro) goes a long way.  Most people go to a WWE event and the closest they get to a wrestler is 50 rows back.  Maybe get lucky enough to see them walk out to their bus.  I will say though you may get lucky like my friend Matt and meet wrestlers like Evan Bourne and Otunga but to be fair we did see “the working ladies” Aksana and Alicia Fox in the same place at a different time.  I have been able to shake the hands and talk to local talent and greats of wrestling today and tomorrow.  Yes, TNA does the occasional meet and greet and stuff but let’s be honest.  It’s just not the same.


Speaking of talent in the indies, I feel we have some great talent.  Like I said, Indies are where the talent can go to see what works and doesn’t work.  While I’m sure some of the talent I’m about to name have wrestled for years, I’d love to see them get some kind of TNA Gut Check or NXT consideration.  I am still quite new to the indie scene here.  Only been going for a couple years now.  It’s been great to see what they put together and learned as heels and faces.  Which is a great thing about supporting and growing with your local indie is you get to see wrestlers grow up, out, and onto better things.  Some of those that come to mind are Melanie Cruise, Ruff Crossing, and Nikki St. John.  They have a great in ring product and character.  I feel like a push to some of the bigger leagues are what they need to finally find the pieces to fit that puzzle together.  Technically I think Nikki is in OVW and that is apart of TNA still?  Regardless I’d love to see those guys go on to get a great career.  They’re highly entertaining.  I suggest you youtube them or something.  Also I’d be ashamed if I forgot one of my favorite managers in the scene today, Chazz Moretti of The Moretti Agency.  He was just recently in an Edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  He has some great talent on the back burner that will soon deserve a push.  One of them being Sadist. He also has a lot of promise. He’s almost ready to move on too.  I can’t flood my article with names none of you have heard about.  My understanding Moretti Agency is going to do nothing but grow in 2014 so if you’re in the quad state area of Chicago, keep a look out for any of this talent.  If they’re on the card surely they’re worth your money.


Indies aren’t for everyone nor am I saying it should be a weekly thing.   I think once a month or two it’s a great way to get together and watch wrestling that is out side of the WWE universe.  It’s one of the things I really enjoy calling up the Matt and Cat connection and go to a show.  It could be great it could be complete garbage but like most places around here $10 for a show won’t exactly break the bank.  Most places around here that I go to are family friendly.  I would be fine with taking my family to the shows mainly GLCW which seems to have given way to their overwhelming success.  Some people go to concerts, others go to sporting events.  I go to wrestling shows.  I don’t like just production that WWE can put forth but the growth of a wrestler from the bottom to the top.  The progression of a person living their dream doing what they can to make that dream bigger and knowing I can in a little way help them realize it.  Some of you would rather spend $30 dollars on merchandise to help a wrestler in WWE with a guarantee.  I prefer to drop $10 to help a wrestler get that guarantee and live their dream.


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