Wrestling With Motherhood: Take Two

Trish Mom When I first started on this site, I wrote a couple articles that were deep, one of which was about how females who have been involved with wrestling have had trouble carrying children full term. I took on a topic that is somewhat heavy and from what I got in response; I guess I did a pretty good job in covering said topic. It may just be a coincidence but it does seem that women who’ve worked a heavy schedule in the ring have had a lot of issues with miscarriages, with my thoughts being that maybe women who have endured a large number of bumps as well as any type of performance enhancement use could lead to this outcome. Trish Stratus is carrying the torch against my point right now, with the strong chance that she’ll be able to carry all the way through until she gives birth. A study came out this week, and I sent a link about it over to Kendra, that seems to at least support one part of my theory.

I’ll go ahead and say it, because I KNOW it can be hard to tell, but I’m not a doctor or scientist. While these are my opinions, they obviously haven’t been tested in a lab yet, at least not by myself. I still think that the bumps involved with being a full time wrestler as a female could have a seriously adverse effect on the female workers ability to carry a child. It doesn’t seem possible that putting your body through all kinds of physical hell would do anything buy make it more difficult for you to carry out seemingly normal functions as your life progresses. Just like a bigger worker having trouble with their knees, or high-risk workers dealing with neck and back issues, it would make sense that a woman dropping on her lower back multiple times a day for a majority of the year would cause some sort of trauma to the uterus that could make carrying a child all but impossible.

The other half of my theory was that women who used some sort of performance enhancement during their career could have chemical issues that would make their body all but shut down the ability to carry a child. The one thing I brought up that’s overlooked a lot is how a woman’s chemicals in her brain alter when she gives birth to a child, my thought is that the performance enhancers alter other regions of their brain and result in damage when they’re stopped, or even worse the female doesn’t stop even while carrying the child. Much like my thought that the biggest reason for NFL players and pro wrestlers to lose it is more about performance enhancements in conjunction with concussions than just concussions, I think this alters the brain functions and chemicals. I think that female athletes experience the same problems just from trying to bulk up a bit or trying to stay fit to keep “attractive” for television.

Scientists have had a breakthrough this week finding out that women who have multiple miscarriages could benefit from putting low levels of steroids in their system. This may sound like it doesn’t really support my theory too well; except for one important note stating that having too high of a steroid level in their system could also cause problems. While you never really hear about females with PED problems this doesn’t mean that they aren’t using supplements of some type during their career in order to keep themselves fit. Sometimes an athlete will do things to get ahead, or even to keep themselves going through an injury so they don’t lose their spot, that may actually be detrimental to their body and overall health in the long run. There are only so many spots in the wrestling business and if you’re not there you could be passed over unless you’re at the absolute top of the card, and even then, the business could go on and leave you behind. As if this isn’t hard enough, there are even less spots for female workers and this could lead them to use enhancers even more.

I can’t imagine the predicament of having to choose between a family and a career, and judging by the results of this new research it could be a literal choice between one option over the other. It’s hard enough for a woman to choose between a career in a regular business and starting a family, if they’re getting into wrestling it seems that the only real choice is to not expect a family if they want to become known as one of the best in the business. That’s a horrible thing to think, but it is looking a lot like the only real choice, or get out early enough limiting damage to your body and taking enough time outside the ring before attempting to reproduce. Trish Straus is the biggest name to try having a child since this issue has shown up, and she seems to be doing well with the process. The biggest thing in my mind is that she left at a young enough age and waited long enough after leaving to allow her body and mind to heal before getting pregnant. I could be completely wrong about this, but looking at this study makes me think there’s a serious connection here that may need to be a focus going forward.

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  • robert delgado

    Wow! uh really I never gave this any thouught at all untill now. You really should have brought up Kharma/Awesome Kong in the article to drive your point home. Good thought provoking piece though!

    • christopher525

      I mentioned a few of them in my original, this one just popped in my mind and Trish being so close to actually giving birth made her the most obvious person to speak about this time around.