Wrestling With Motherhood

Trish If you watched any of the Hall of Fame ceremony, or read any sites, by now you know that Trish Stratus is due to have her first child this September. This got me thinking about something Kendra mentioned in response to my last “serious” article about head trauma and steroids. One thing that seems to be a more common occurrence among female pro wrestlers is the inability to carry a pregnancy to term. I know there have been a couple successful females, but there have also been quite a few who have had the misfortune of losing the child before being able to give birth. I am aware this is a very sensitive subject, these are just thoughts I had and are in no way backed by any studies as of this time.

Let me start by stating that the loss of a child is a horrible thing and I feel terrible for anyone who has experienced this tragedy. What I’ve been wondering in this situation is if maybe constant trauma to the head and body is causing these issues with women who have worked in the ring and in fitness/bodybuilding competitions. I stated in my article about head injuries and their link to people snapping that a head trauma has to cause some sort of chemical change as the body tries to find a way to correct for the damage done. With that in mind, women have been proven to have chemical changes during a pregnancy and after giving birth, this has lead me to question if these chemical changes may be getting to where the body is unable to properly function during reproduction, causing the unfortunate occurrence of losing the child pre-term.

I know, thanks to Kendra for the info as I had forgotten it, Dawn Marie has had a couple children successfully since stepping away from the ring. On the other hand we know of the many women who had not had this same joy while trying to have children. One big difference that I see between Dawn Marie and some of the other women is that when you look back at her career I think of her more as a valet than a wrestler. I don’t think she’s had a ton of matches, especially the night in night out work of a Trish Stratus or Lita in their runs with WWE a little bit back. There’s a chance, even with her ECW past, that Dawn Marie suffered far less head trauma than the other women and her body was able to handle carrying a child more than the other workers. I could be dead wrong, but this is something that’s been weighing on my mind a lot since the last article and got even heavier after Trish made her announcement.

Another thing that seems to be pretty common among athletes is children that are developmentally disabled. Autism and other things seem to occur far more often among children of NFL, MLB, and other sports stars. One thing I have noticed so far though is that this doesn’t seem to be happening with the children of pro wrestlers. The ones we see most are obviously children of male performers; there aren’t many children of female wrestlers who have gone on to have a career inside the ring like their mother. The only name that really comes to mind in that field would be Ted DiBiase, not sure of anyone else off hand who has this distinction. I’m hoping that the chemical balance isn’t what’s causing female workers to have trouble giving birth as this would be a bad sign for any female thinking of getting in the ring and someday having a family of their own through giving birth to their own child instead of adoption.

If Trish gives birth, I think this would be the first major test of my theory, as she worked many years and took many bumps during her career, but she also got out early enough making this possible. I wish Trish the best of luck on her pregnancy and hope that maybe someday twenty or so years from now I’m able to tell my children about when the mother of their favorite superstar was the greatest female worker in the business. I also hope the other women who have tried many times to have children are able to have their dream come true as well. I hope that this article isn’t too much of a downer, and I sincerely hope I didn’t offend anyone with my theories here. As a wrestling fan I’ll be keeping an eye on news of Trish’s pregnancy as it comes in hopes of a little superstar being able to come from her. As someone who has hope we can get rid of as many issues causing problems inside the human body as possible, I’ll be keeping an eye out in hopes this child smashes the mold.

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  • kbunyon

    Chris, thanks for writing this. This article has been on my list since Kia (Kharma/Kong) lost her son, and I'm thrilled with how you went after this very touchy subject. Being male, you really need to tread lightly on this topic, more than I would have to being female, and a mother – but I think you did a wonderful job with it!

    I also can't wait for your follow-ups.


    • christopher525

      Thanks for the comment and support. I'm having fun with this, I think I can throw something serious like this in here every so often in between everything else I post. One day, maybe, some of the serious posts can get me enough attention to get me out of retail and into writing for a career.

  • Steven

    Great article, Chris. Articles like this are the main reason why I tend to spend more time on this site than the typical wrestling sites. The constant “behind the scenes bitchfests” have grown very tiresome for me.

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