Why Wrestling?

If this means something to you then you know the answer to WHY Wrestling?

If this means something to you then you know the answer to WHY Wrestling?

I have come to realize, that when you are a wrestling fan, a real wrestling fan, you understand the business and meet someone else who understands the business, you instantly connect. There is an instant bond between you that no one else can understand. There is no other thing like it. Most people watch the NFL or the NBA and yes people can carrying on a conversation for hours with a stranger, but it doesn’t connect the same way it does as wrestling fans. Maybe it’s because we appreciate the sport and the art of professional wrestling more than any NBA or NFL fan could ever with basketball or football. When we talk about our favorite wrestler it means more to us than just some favorite sport team. When your favorite wrestler finally wins the World Title, it touches us more than when your favorite team wins the Championship. This is my basis for this series. I know that wrestling holds a special connection to all of us because we all take the time from work, school, even our families to watch and write about this amazing thing that connects all of us. I am looking forward to hearing from all of my fellow writers on the topics below to understand more Why Wrestling…

What does wrestling mean to you? Wrestling is everything to me. Wrestling has always been a constant in my life. I didn’t have the greatest life growing up. A lot of people in and out and those who should have been there were not. But what was always there, what would never leave, WRESTLING. Wrestling has shaped my personality. The way I think, my outlook on life, the way I present myself all comes from wrestling. Wrestling hasn’t always been the most popular thing especially after the Attitude Era, so wrestling, was me, everyone knew me, everyone knew who I was, but I was different, I didn’t get along with everybody. My best friends and I bonded over wrestling. Wrestling has taught me so many things, from paying your dues to respect. Most things in my life I handle because what I have learned from wrestling. I learned what was good and evil, right and wrong, and how to be myself.  If I am getting a reaction from people I am probably doing something right. My goal in most situation is to make people react. That is the very foundation of  a pro wrestler, to get a reaction. I try to play up my personality and play into what people think of me. I don’t try to change peoples opinions, I just exaggerate what they already think of me. I found this to be easier then to try to change the opinions of everybody. It makes life easier and I can only think wrestling for that.

Why do you still watch? I still watch because wrestling has always defined who I am. So why would I not watch. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate the business side and the art form that is pro wrestling. It is now more than who the champion is or who my favorite wrestler is. Now I look at storylines has where is this going to lead or if I want to have fun I come up with different scenarios of what could happen or what I would like to see. I still watch because now I have connected with so many people thanks to this site, TNANews, and the reason we all here WrestlingNewsWorld. I have so much fun being able to talk to so many people about wrestling at any time. Before I only had a couple of friends that watched like I did. Now I can justify it by having so many interesting conversations with so many different people.

When a wrestling story is done right, it is the best thing you will find anywhere in the world. No other show can provide us with so much emotion all at one time. Just look at Wrestlemania 30 and when Lesnar broke the streak. Just by typing that line so many emotions come running back. Wrestlemania 30 had so much emotion in the 4 hour span that took us on such a journey, we relived the past, admired the present, saw a glimpse into the future, shared laughs, almost brought to tears, and were left in disbelief. But after those 4 hours the journey doesn’t stop for us wrestling fans. We tune in on Monday to see what’s next. There is no other sport or show that after such an emotional ending to a year/season that it continues. Everything else in the world stops at least for a few months but wrestling keeps goings. And that’s why I watch. Because if wrestling will keep going, then I will always have something to inspire me to keep going.

Earliest Memory: My earliest memory of wrestling was actually a Raw that happened in 1993. At the time I was 6 years old and in Kindergarten. I have watched wrestling before and knew all about it had the figures and everything, but not one moment sticks out to me more than this. Since I had school I was never able to stay up to watch Raw. It was on too late. But this night I was able to stay up because I had surgery the next morning. During this Raw, the 1-2-3 Kid defeated Razor Ramon. This was huge and even at the age of 6 I knew this was a big moment. I understood that certain wrestlers lose all the time and the more popular guys would win. This was the first huge shocking moment I remember. It will always hold a special spot in big moments for me.

Special Wrestling Moment: There is one special moment wrestling moment for me. This was more than what was happening on the TV. This event was Wrestlemania XIX. The reason for this is very personal. This event is the first time that my best friends and I got together to watch wrestling. Before this point we were not really friends. I had invited some people over to watch WM 19 and they came also. From that point on a friendship was started and the bond that brought us together was wrestling. Every year since, Wrestlemania for us has gotten bigger, as each year passes, and life moves on, we are always able to come together for the biggest event of the year Wrestlemania. So now Wrestlemania means more than just the “Showcase of the Immortals” for me. Wrestlemania now symbolizes the event that started a friendship that has lasted over 11 years now. I will always be grateful for that day because without my friends I don’t know where I would be.

Who is your favorite wrestler and why: I grew up with my first favorite wrestler being Bret Hart. I remember having the toy championship belt and I always wear it over my shoulder because I had a poster of him with the belt over his shoulder. As I grew up and the Attitude Era entered I was left without a favorite. I remember enjoying Chris Jericho in WCW and all the lower card wrestlers in WWE, mainly Shamrock, Billy Gunn, and D-Lo Brown. But yet I never had that one person until 2002.

The first time I saw John Cena was in his famous match with Kurt Angle. From that point on I was a John Cena fan. Then he debuted his rapper gimmick and this gimmick was very relatable for me because of the area I grew up. Cena was my guy. I bought his shirts, I said his catchphrases. Mind you I was in high school at this time. Cena was everything that I was, just not on such a big scale. Through the years I had gain so much respect for Cena. I had always been the person to like what everyone else doesn’t. So when he started to get heat, it just made me like him that much more. Every time I go to an event I’m chanting “Let’s Go Cena!” The more people hate on Cena the more I root for him. Because it reminds me of me. The more people hate on me the more I continue to push.

There is one time that I chanted against Cena. This was at Summerslam 2011. The reason for this travels back to 2006 through. ECW was a brand for WWE and this new superstar was shown saying he didn’t drink, he didn’t do drugs, wrestling was his addiction. Just from that quote, here was my new favorite. Alcohol has been a problem in my family, everyone I know drinks and I don’t. So to have someone in a place that I idolize so much say they are straight edge, I was hooked. This guy was CM Punk. Punk always entertained me. I hung on every word he said. My favorite time of Punk was during the Straight Edge Society days. His promos were great. I found myself agreeing with everything he said. I shaped my life around Punk, from the way I acted to the things I said, it was CM Punk. Again like with Cena when Punk rose to the top people started hating. I just loved Punk even more.

Wrestling is not going anywhere and neither am I. Wrestling will always be a big part in my life.

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Other writers will be weighing on their connection to wrestling in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned

  • David Jr.

    What does wrestling mean to you? and Why do you still watch? I can’t remember a time I haven’t watch wrestling, so it’s always been an identity of mine. I love the good and the bad of it.
    Earliest Memory: I don’t recall not watching wrestling, But I guess the build up to Hogan vs. Andre is the earliest I can remember..
    Special Wrestling Moment: A tie being at Wrestlemania 23 (every wrestling fan should attend at least one wrestlemania) and 1991 Survivor Series, because I got to see Undertaker win his first WWF Championship.
    Favorite Wrestler: Growing up it was Hogan, and later it became the Rock but I have to say the one guy who makes me loves wrestling more than any other was Bobby Heenan. As a manager or broadcast journalist, I never enjoyed watching a guy more.

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