WWE 2K15 as 7.14.14

At this point in time, I truly wish I had more information to share. Normally by this time, more news about an upcoming WWE game would have been revealed by now. I assume because this game is somewhat being built from the ground up by 2K, that a presentable product is not yet ready. Alas, a small amount of information has been released to the public. Here is what we know about WWE 2K15…

John Cena on the cover of this years game.

John Cena is on the cover of this year’s game.

Incase you missed Raw on 7.14.14, WWE has officially announced that Sting will in fact be included into this years game. No more rumors. No more speculations. It is official. The Icon, Sting, has (somewhat) made his way into the WWE. His inclusion into the game is similar to The Ultimate Warriors (ironic since they used to be tag partners), as a pre-order bonus. The pre-order bonus will include two generations of Sting, which include the Crow and Surfer versions of Sting.

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In addition to the two versions of Sting, we have nine confirmed Superstars that will be included into this year’s game.  The Superstars include: John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Hulk Hogan, AJ Lee, Naomi, Darren Young, and Xavier Woods. On a side note, The Ultimate Warrior may be included as he was mentioned in the teaser trailer at E3 with an “In Memory Of” message, accompanied by his image render. Sadly… that is all the information being made available at this moment in reference to the roster.

Character renders displayed at E3.

Character renders displayed at E3.

This may very well be the game that we have been waiting for (since Here Comes The Pain). As mentioned in a previous article, wrestling games need to be less of a game and more of a simulator and this years game may finally deliver that. The game will have 5x more animations, far more than any other game, creating a much smoother and realistic gameplay experience.

The focus on this year’s game is Next-Gen. The game will be released on PS3 and 360, but an almost entirely different game is being developed for PS4 and Xbox One…visually at least. The character models will look a lot different on the current gen systems, with improved lighting and textures, but the next-gen characters are being developed through the same technology used for the NBA 2K series on PS4 and Xbox One. Meaning that the wrestlers will now be close to photo real.

To make the game closer to what we see on TV, the developmental team is using a mo-cap (motion capture) studio with an actual WWE ring and utilizing actual WWE Superstars. Sound is also being re-recorded through the use of the ring. Every move will now have it’s own unique sound, as a specific recording is being made for each move. Now a DDT won’t sound like a Scoop Slam and a Superplex won’t sound like a Hip Toss. Each move will sound, just as it sounds if you were watching it on TV or at a live event (depending on your sound system).

Commentary has also been revamped, as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawyer and Michael Cole have been re-recorded in a more conversational styled setting, so the dialogue doesn’t sound like we are just hearing pre-recorded lines. In addition, each of them has recorded 30-35 minutes of dialogue (30-35 mins each, not all together). This is 5x the amount that has ever been in a WWE game and this will eliminate hearing the same lines of dialogue over and over again.

No details have been released in reference to actual gameplay, but apparently, that is also being redone. The game is said to be less like a fighting game, featuring WWE Superstars and more like a wrestling game.

At this point, we would normally have at least seen a trailer or some type of gameplay or hint of a roster reveal. Usually by Summer Slam, the entire roster is revealed. At this rate, I hope the roster will still be revealed during Fan Axxess (Summer Slam). If the roster isn’t revealed, I can understand as this game is being rebuilt from the ground up.

The Monday Night Wars. It would be nice if this were the focus of this years game.

The Monday Night Wars. It would be nice if this were the focus of this years game.

I really appreciate the direction they are trying to go with the Next-Gen WWE games. My only concern is the roster. It’s great that Sting is FINALLY in a WWE game (aside from CAWs) but who else from the glory days of WCW will join him? It would’ve been great to have him with last year’s roster. If he’s the only WCW guy to be featured in the game this year, he’s really going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I’m truly excited to see what the development team will do with the crowd and the arena. It’s great they are fixing the sound, but what about the crowd? Will they chant what they should, when they should? Will they be more life like? I’m curious about that. The inclusion of being able to enter the crowd would be nice too. Speaking of the surrounding area, will we finally have the ring announcer, timekeeper, and cameramen around the ring? The Next-Gen UFC game has an extreme amount of attention to detail with their ring surroundings. The cameramen actually move when they are supposed to and the replays are even from actual camera viewpoints within the game. I know that’s a completely different game by a completely different company, but 2K has released sports games in the past that rival EA sports games, so my faith in 2K is pretty high.

It would be nice for more information to be revealed, but if this lack of information is a sign that 2K is too busy working on creating a stellar game to release any information… I’m okay with waiting. Seeing as though this is the age of delayed games, I just hope the October 2014 release date is set in stone.

Have I missed any news that you’ve heard of but I didn’t? Do you have any hopes and dreams for this years WWE game? Are you excited for the Next-Gen release of the game or are you still on current gen? On which system will you be playing? Who will be your first CAW? Let me know and sound off in the comments below.

This years special edition will focus on Hulk Hogan. Thus why his classic render was presented at E3.

This years special edition will focus on Hulk Hogan. Thus why his classic render was presented at E3.

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  • FrankTheTank

    In terms of crowd chanta all they need is “yes” “no” “cm punk” and dueling “lets go cena/cena sucks” chants and thatll cover 90% of the current crowd chants lol

    One change I hope they implement would be to make the moves a little more realistic. And by that I mean if im playing as a smaller wrestler I shouldnt be able to suplex big show or someone that much larger than my character. Im excited to see how they make the GM mode more in depth as well