Why WWE is Doing Everything RIGHT Heading Into Hell in a Cell Part 2

This is a 2-part article, Part 1 is available at this link: http://www.wwenews.net/wwe-doing-everything-right-heading-into-hiac-pt-1/.  In the 1st part of this article I broke down the confirmed matches for Hell in a Cell, this part includes a breakdown of the current stars with high potential that have no designated direction headed into the show.


Cody Rhodes recently rose above the rest of the mid-card talent with his match against Randy Orton that resulted in him “losing his job”.  Then Goldust comes in and has an amazing match against Randy Orton as well, and that takes us to Battleground.  At Battleground Cody Rhodes & Goldust took on The Shield in what may have been the best match since Money in The Bank, not only was the match phenomenal but they also had the crowd behind them.  If you haven’t seen this match go and watch it RIGHT NOW!  When Cody hit Cross Rhodes and pinned Seth Rollins the crowd EXPLODED, since this has become the norm for Daniel Bryan a lot of people aren’t realizing how impressive this is.  Not everyone is Daniel Bryan and though the Rhodes didn’t get as big a pop as Bryan can get, they still got pretty damn close.  After Battleground it was clear that Cody is a main event talent and Goldust has the potential to end his in-ring career with his head held high.  I can’t say for sure how much Goldust has left in the tank but you can’t help but notice that after Goldust’s recent matches all of his face paint is worn off from sweat, this didn’t happen in his earlier stages so clearly age is a factor for him.  For the first time since Extreme Rules there’s finally a team that is fit to take the Tag Titles off of Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns.  Whether this is the decision that WWE goes in is beyond me, but Cody & Goldust are the only other tag team in the WWE with enough momentum to take the titles off The Shield.  Even if The Shield held on to the titles, What’s there to complain about?  The Shield have put on a large amount of great matches as a tag team and as a trio.  Cody Rhodes & Goldust aren’t the only people who have heavily benefited from “The Authority” angle, there’s also Big Show.


One thing that’s on every WWE fan’s mind is Big Show vs. Triple H.  The questions are “if” and “when”, ideally if we do get to see this match it will be at Survivor Series.  However, it would be very difficult to stretch this rivalry past Hell in a Cell.  Big Show needs a match at Hell in a Cell, whether it be against Triple H or not.  He returned prior to SummerSlam but he hasn’t had a match on PPV since returning even though he’s been heavily involved on Raw and Smackdown.  When he knocked out Trip on Raw that crowd was red hot, but WWE can’t expect him to keep all of this momentum if he goes a fourth PPV without a match.  This is as over as Show has ever been as a face in his entire career and it would be a shame if this situation wasn’t capitalized on.  It seems like the best scenario for Hell in a Cell would be Big Show & The Rhodes vs. The Shield (if we don’t get Show vs. Trip).  Show & The Rhodes are so over right now that pairing them together against such a great team in The Shield won’t just keep them hot, it will make them more over than before.  Show has been in this business a long time and has worked harder than most people, so it’s good to see him get a good push like this one.  I may be one of few but I’m really hoping that this leads to Big Show getting a WWE Title reign towards the end of the year.  He debuted in WWE more than 14 years ago and is 41 years old now, yet he’s only held the WWE Championship twice and both reigns lasted less than two months and were over ten years ago.


The best heel characters are the ones where the fans love them so much that they actually get cheered when they come out.  This was the case for people like R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and now, The Wyatt Family.  The Wyatts are an original gimmick that is highly entertaining, this is something we don’t see often in this era of the WWE.  Bray Wyatt has possibly the best mic work in all of WWE and Luke Harper & Erick Rowan are both great in-ring performers.  At Battleground we saw Bray Wyatt do a backbend and start walking towards Kofi Kingston, I’m half the size of Bray and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I tried.  He’s not outstanding in the ring, but he’s a lot better than most 300 pound men.  They’re not in the best spot in terms of booking because the Tag Team Championships belong to another trio in The Shield and WWE is looking to keep the two groups away from each other.  This doesn’t negatively effect The Wyatt Family as much as some may think because even though Rowan & Harper have only wrestled as a tag team, it seems like the main focus is to push Bray in singles competition.  With Kane finishing up with the filming of See No Evil 2 over the weekend it seems like we may get to see Kane vs. Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell, unless of course WWE decides to have Kane join The Wyatt Family.  This has been heavily discussed all across the IWC and even though The Wyatts don’t really need another member to their group I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in seeing how an alliance between Kane and The Wyatts would pan out.


I’d like to thank Kendra for allowing me to return to the website as my laptop broke over the summer and I had no way of posting articles.  I’m very excited to be interacting through this website and also over at the Watch Partys hosted by WNW.