WWE Legends House Episode 4 Breakdown

Welcome back to the fourth installment of the WWE Legends House Breakdown. The recap of last weeks show reminded us of the hilarity from the commercials the two teams had to create last week, but equally it also reminded us of the underlying tension that was developing not only between Tony Atlas and Jim Duggan, but between Tony and all the other Legends in the house. We then got the recap of Piper’s team winning the challenge last week over Gene’s team and the fact that Piper’s team got to go to Las Vegas in a limousine whereas Gene’s team had to settle for a van. We were then left on a cliff hanger with the limousine being pulled over by the police. How will the Legends get out of this one? Lets find out what happened on this weeks show.

Piper Gets Waxed

We saw clearly Gene’s team were not happy about travelling in a van all the way to Vegas, and the limousine passing them just made it feel worse. I’m still not sure exactly what the reason the limousine ends up being pulled over was but it seemed like it was being hinted at that it was to do with the pink flamingo Piper’s team had sticking out the limousine window. There was some early aggravation from Roddy Piper about the fact the Fink was sat in what is called ‘the boss’ seat and he didn’t say anything other than “thank you” to the police officer. However I hate to think what Piper might have said had he been sat there, although it could well have made things interesting. After the ticket was issued to the driver the Legends get back on the road and we get to hear about Tony Atlas farting and making the limousine smell indescribably bad. Boys will be boys I guess though as lets face it, we’ve all been in that position at some point in our lives, trapped in a car with someone else’s bad gas. It certainly seems like that was one place none of us would want to be though.

We see the Legends arrive at an empty theater and seeming unsure about why they are there. Out comes a lady (Who’s name escapes me) to let them know they will be working a show tonight….As part of the Chippendales. When that was announced it went down like a led balloon as I think that was the first time no one said anything. They then get told they are all going to be manscaped before the show, which most of the Legends don’t seem to know what this meant….Oh dear are they in for a surprise. Roddy Piper looked very disgruntled and uncomfortable after the task was announced. Tony Atlas tried to help him but nothing could shift Piper’s mood. He would reveal following this it makes him feel uncomfortable, which for the fact Piper wrestled half naked as a wrestler seems a little odd.

Gene Practicing

The manscaping soon began and up first was Hillbilly Jim to be waxed. All I can say is ouch given the amount of hair that man had on his chest. That waxing must have hurt like hell but he did well not to react too much. Jimmy Hart would have wound me up if he was stood in the room with me while I was being waxed as he seemed to be enjoying the fact it must have been painful for Jim to experience. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Jimmy being waxed as that would have been a sight I’m sure. We then saw The Fink being spray tanned and that was a sight I don’t think I will ever get out of my memory as it will be etched in there for life. Seriously though, how many times have we seen half naked Legends on the show already? We then saw Roddy Piper getting waxed, and wow what a reaction from Piper each time. Saying that I didn’t envy any of them going through that so I have to respect them all for sticking it out. The manscape segment ended with us seeing Tony Atlas getting a spray tan, which at first just seemed to make no sense, but when you look at the guys body parts of him are lighter than you would expect so if anything the top up helped him.

The Legends then returned to the stage of the theater and began learning their routines, including the all important step of how to rip your vest off. You’d have thought all those years with Hulk Hogan that Jimmy Hart would have been a pro at this but he was the only one who struggled to get his all the way off…Poor Jimmy. Things all seemed to be going great until backstage Tony bumped into Jim Duggan. Well from then the tension quickly boiled over and you could tell Hacksaw was not happy, especially when he go so mad off camera he practically threw his drink across the room. There is a history going back 20 years between these two, and while I don’t know the specifics of the feud (Nor do I really want to) it seems that when that thing erupts between the two it’s going to get ugly.

Duggan Performing

Luckily the two men kept their problems in check during the performance on stage. The crowd of women seemed to be excited at the fact they would be seeing some WWE Legends that night, which probably only added to the nerves of the Legends at the time. Luckily as soon as they all got out on stage they seemed to relax, even Roddy Piper who admitted he still wasn’t comfortable before going on stage. The Legends were shown going out into the crowd and dancing with the women which was fun to see, and I’m sure that any worries they had when the task was first announced were then far away from their minds. The show ended with all the Legends being introduced back out on stage one by one to a standing ovation from the crowd. To say they all learnt what they were doing in one day I thought the Legends handled the task really well and even though I had to see them half naked I found it entertaining to watch.

The Legends returned home seeming in much better spirits than when they had left, all except for Hacksaw and Tony who still had some major tension that I could feel from just watching so I can only imagine how the other Legends must have felt. This time though it seemed neither man was prepared to try and resolve this. Even Hacksaw admitted that he wasn’t apologizing to Tony and would be waiting for Tony to come to him. I felt sorry for Roddy Piper who felt very much in the middle of it all as he was friends with Hacksaw and understood how Tony was feeling as an outsider. Piper sat down to have a talk with Tony and tried to make him see sense and getting him to go sleep on it and see if that helped. We even saw Piper get emotional as he used himself as an example of how he can sometimes feel and react in situations. Piper was being natural here and he knows this feud between Duggan and Tony could end up becoming physical, which he tried to explain to Pat Patterson and Gene Okerlund but they didn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as Piper. However we saw the show end with Gene admitting to camera he knows the situation between the two men needs to be addressed.

Will the situation between Tony and Hacksaw continue to get more heated next week? Or will we hopefully see them settle their difference with words and not fists? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see how things develop next week, but I really hope in all seriousness and honesty the situation between the two is addressed and resolved before anything physical happens. If there’s one thing I don’t want to see it’s two Legends not getting along and getting into a fight cause if there is one thing that’s for sure in this one it’s that it would be down right ugly. As always, thanks for reading this weeks Legends House Breakdown and I hope you will be back for installment number five next week.

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  • mike

    I’m really liking this show. I’m curious how no other channels wanted this show because I heard that it was shopped around. Hopefully jim and Tony thing isn’t being pushed behind the camera to make this more dramatic, it seems like your right, when it hits the fan its gonna be bad. Anyways great recap per usual…. Keep it up!!!

    • Jamie

      Thanks for the positive comments Mike, really appreciate it. I’m surprised this isn’t a show picked up by mainstream television but equally it’s just another fabulous reason to buy the WWE Network. I think when Jim and Tony kicks off (And it’s coming soon I feel) it’s going to be a crazy situation, and not in a good way