WWE Legends House Episode 8 Breakdown

Welcome once again my friends to the Legends House Breakdown. This weeks episode was given the title of ‘Back in Piper’s Pit’, which teases something big going down for me. I feel like we got a real open and honest episode this week that was full of legitimate emotions and it was just another great overall watch. We started as always with a recap of the previous week which saw the Legends House game show, Piper and Duggan with their blatant cheating, and the fishing trip with Shawn Michaels that really began to bring the Legends closer together. What we saw this week was only an extension of that and I have to say some of the things that happened really surprised me. Lets not wait any longer though and lets get into this weeks Legends House Breakdown.


We saw the show start with Hacksaw and Fink sat together talking. Before things could get moving though back came Roddy Piper, and Duggan was the first to greet him at the door. After last week I think Duggan can at least say he no longer feels lost. It was clear to see for me that Piper is respected by all the Legends and is seen as almost like the glue of the house. Roddy admitted that he had missed the place and cracked the joke that he couldn’t work out why once he was back in there. The good news for Hot Rod is his chest hair appears to be growing back after the waxing it took from the Chippendale task. Speaking of tasks, Ashley came to the house and announced this weeks challenge for the Legends would be a roast where they would all have a stand up routine to perform, and there would be a guest of honor which ended up being Roddy Piper. The aim of the roast was simple; they would all get to tell stories about Piper, which had the potential to make things interesting, especially given the fact Piper would be given the chance to respond to them afterward.

What was good to see was everyone was really making an effort to make this challenge a success. Gene asked Roddy if he was ok to throw some ‘grenades’ and go as far as possible, which Roddy seemed to be all for. The Legends were given some help with their comedy routine via comedians Guy Torry, Dan Ahdoot and Ben Gleib who were there to give them pointers and help come up with material. Piper was taken by Guy separately to prepare in private. The Legends were all told not to hold back with their material and the more controversial it is the better. Jimmy Hart had a lot of inside jokes in his routine which most people would not understand but he was insistent on going with it. Tony Atlas was at the opposite end of the scale though as he struggled to make any jokes due to the fact he was bought up as a child not to make fun of others. Instead he thought laughing at his own jokes would help, but this could back fire on Tony. Fink came up with some horrendous material that I had a feeling was going to fall flat right from the get go, while we saw Roddy Piper coming up with some good material but Guy felt he was holding back a little. Piper said to the camera he can be brutal though, and that this could be just like an episode of Piper’s Pit.


The time finally came for the roast and saw each Legend introduced to the crowd. Piper was rightfully introduced not only as a former Intercontinental Champion, but as one of the greatest talkers in the business. There was another surprise in store though, a special guest; The Iron Sheik. All I could think is I hope they have a translator and a censor on stand by. Hillbilly Jim was first up and he opened up with a joke about Jimmy Hart’s hair. I thought Hillbilly did pretty well, as did Mean Gene and Pat Patterson. Up came the Iron Sheik and although his speech was a little out there and hard to understand the people loved him. Jimmy Hart came up and tanked unfortunately for him, but Jim Duggan was able to recover afterward and did well. The Fink was up next and while he had a rough start he managed to recover well and pick up by the end. The stand out of the Legends though was Tony Atlas who hit it out of the park with his stories and how funny he was in the end. Roddy piper capped the night off with a great speech, some fantastic jokes back at the other Legends, and a standing ovation at the end which was well deserved.

Back at the house we saw the Legends talking about how great a time they had at the roast. Roddy Piper admitted that he really appreciated that none of the Legends went into any of the dark places from his past as they had the opportunity but were respectful enough not to do it. Tony cooked up another great feast for the group and we saw Roddy talk about how he felt the group is coming closer together. What followed was probably the most emotional scenes we have seen in Legends House since the show started. Pat talked about how he is more than just a wrestler, he is a person but some guys struggle to separate the character from their real life. This bought the conversation round to how Piper and Tony admit they are walking on egg shells. Hacksaw also admits he feels this way, and when asked for his feelings Fink doesn’t commit at first but soon admits he is feeling the same after Roddy chewed him out that this conversation was for men and bought up the incident when the limo was pulled over by the police and all Howard could do was thank the officer while sat in the kings chair. Fink was respectful of Roddy’s point and it was good to see them embrace afterward. I thought this was a healthy conversation for them to have and a great way to get some tension out of the air.

Iron Sheik

Pat Patterson then came out with an emotional speech on how this is the time for everyone to be themselves and not their wrestling personas. He opened up emotionally and admitted he did not want to be phony anymore. It was so touching to see the real person behind Pat come out and he was so right when he said they all only have so many years of life left, why shouldn’t they be all truthful. Pat seemingly wanted to get a weight off his shoulders and I feel he did it. Gene was great and said no matter what Pat does he will stand by him which was great to see. The next day we see Jimmy Hart and Tony Atlas eating salad. Tony could tell Jimmy wasn’t right and asked him what was wrong, and the answer Jimmy gave was such a sad story. For the first time Jimmy talked openly to someone about the death of his daughter and how hard it really hit him. I really felt Jimmy’s pain as he talked about the effect it had on him and it was touching to hear how he felt like the wrestlers were like a family to him and that helped him through it at the time. Jimmy eventually broke down though and let out years of emotion through his tears. The show ended with Jimmy talking about how the roast has helped bring the guys closer together, and I could not agree more with him given the way everyone was open and honest with one another.

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