WWE Missed The Boat: Goldust Vs. Cody Rhodes


As a wrestling fan, I know you’ve seen it time and time before. WWE misses the boat on a feud or a segment and then tries to make up for it later. They’re in the process right now with a certain tag team. The match that they are building towards was discussed pre-Wrestlemania, and had it climaxed there, it would have been on a much grander stage than say, Extreme Rules. Either way, I feel like WWE has missed the boat on fans caring about Cody Rhodes facing his brother Goldust.

I think we all can agree that Goldust has made one hell of a comeback. His ring work has been just as good, if not better, than it was when he was at his peak in the Attitude Era. I feel like placing him in a tag team with his brother was good for the both of them. There was nowhere for Cody to go at the time and if there wasn’t a spot for him, you can guarantee there wasn’t going to be a spot for an older returning Superstar. The build to them becoming a tag team and winning the Tag Titles was brilliant. I feel like that was one time when the “Authority” angle, actually made you hate them because of the story rather than just because it’s old and tired now. Having all the Rhodes family’s hopes taken away for weeks, to have them triumph at Battleground by winning their jobs back was beautiful. We as a crowd got a special treat as well when on the October 14th edition of Raw, the Rhodes Brothers were able to take the Tag Titles away from The Shield. A task that seemed pretty daunting based on how The Shield had been booked up until that point.

From then until about TLC, they were a pretty dominant tag team. We were able to enjoy some great matches between them, The Shield and The Usos. The unfortunate ending to their title reign came at the hands of the New Age Outlaws. Now, I’m a big fan of the Outlaws but I don’t see why the creative team had to put the titles on them in order to transition them to The Usos. I feel like having the Usos finally triumph over the Rhodes Brothers would have been a good story and made for another high quality match up. Instead, the Outlaws defended their titles on the March 3rd edition of Raw and the Usos won them in a very anti-climactic match that took less than 5 minutes I believe. While I was frustrated at the transition period, that is not the point of this article.


After the Rhodes Brothers lost the tag titles, they were sort of pushed into tag team obscurity for a while. I don’t remember much of the details about their matches, which says a lot about how they were booked in my opinion. They teased a breakup at the Royal Rumble when Goldust eliminated Cody, but nothing came of it. So instead of having the fallout between Cody and Goldust happen shortly after they lose the titles, what do they do? They get put randomly into the Andre the Giant battle royal! Yes, because that makes sense! While I understand that you need plenty of guys for a battle royal, I feel like Creative missed a “Golden” opportunity for a match that would have created interest at Wrestlemania. They had teased the idea of the match two years in a row, once in 2013 when Goldust made his return and Cody eliminated him, and then this year.

Now we’re seeing the dissension teased yet again. This time it seems that the idea for the split has been reversed. I always saw Goldust being the one to turn on Cody because Cody had some success as a babyface. Plus, an angry Goldust just seemed much more intriguing considering that we’ve already seen what Cody can do as a heel. Either way, it seems in recent weeks that Cody has become tired with his brother and the fact that they keep losing on a consistent basis.

Let me set the record straight here, I am all for the match and the story that these gentlemen will be able to tell. I as a fan was looking for it to happen while the duo was still relevant though! As far as I see it, you can’t book a match the fans want to see after you’ve kept those stars off TV! It’s the same thing that happened to Big E and the Intercontinental Title. We want the title to be considered important, just as much as the company does, but if you keep the champ off TV or don’t have him defend it against reasonable threats (Dean Ambrose) then it’s hard for us to care. Now they want us to care about the dissension between the brothers after they aren’t on TV and aren’t being booked as serious competitors. They missed the boat. This match will inevitably happen, but I feel bad because it won’t have the impact or the proper attention it deserves. What do you guys think? Do you care about this feud as much as you did 3 months ago? Let me know!

  • Matt

    Goldust is in the absolute best shape of his career and his ring work is reflective of that. I would have loved to see this feud come to fruition but I’m still happy to see them around as they are a fantastic tag team. I care almost more about it now than when we were hoping for it at Mania…only because Mania matches get drown out by other high tier matches. Hindsight is 20/20 and having Taker lose his streak completely made us forget about the other Mania matches. Now, on B level PPVs, their feud can shine! Great article, man!

    • James Peterson

      Very fair point Matt. On the flip side of my original opinion, I agree that B level PPVs need proper feuds. This will be one match that will boost whatever show it’s on.

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