WWE Poling: To Vote, or Not to Vote?

The idea behind this article was sent to me by a reader named Neil Wells. Remember folks, feel free to send me other ideas for future blogs, as I’d love to hear what you like to read!

polldivaAs Americans, we’re taught at a very young age about the importance of voting. They try to instill a sense of “Every single vote matters!” into our heads, trying to make us believe that one person can make a difference. Heck, voting’s been a part of our lives since we were children! You vote for hall monitors or class presidents, and then as you grow older you can vote for mayors, senators, governors, and even the President himself. However, I’ve been a bit leery about “Every vote matters” more and more, however, as I watch the polls in the WWE today.

Take Sting and Hogan for example. At WWE’s PPV Night of Champions, sting was voted as the greatest United States champion of all time, and Hogan got the vote for the greatest WWE champion of all time. I can see the reasoning behind the votes, but from my own opinion and from listening to fans around the world, I’m honestly not sure if Hogan should have won the vote. Personally, I would have voted for Austin, but that’s just me, and from what I’ve heard from many fans, he seems the more popular of the choices.

pollhoganAnother reason I question the legitimacy of the polls are because the polls almost always seem to follow storylines, sometimes causing the a more popular wrestler to lose out on the vote. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist, but I’m pretty sure that entertainment polls are almost ALWAYS popularity contests. That’s why the most popular choices not always winning seems a little bit fishy to me.

Another thing to think about when wondering if the polls are fixed or not is the matches themselves. In a recent interview, the subject of how the matches are booked came up, and Jericho played up the legitimacy, making it feel like anything really could happen. He said that the matches aren’t decided until the polls come in, so that the matches generally need to be called on the fly. However, it seems like there are few true ring generals anymore, and most of the roster doesn’t have the necessary experience required to call a match.

Due to the lack of old school experience, safety is a large concern when trying to plan a match around a poll. If any number of factors occur, such as being placed with a dangerous opponent, or not having good chemistry together, somebody could get seriously hurt, and I fail to see how that’s “good for business.” (Yeah, yeah, cheap pun, I know.) There is already too high a number of top superstars, such as Cena, Henry, and Sheamus, who are out due to an injury. The WWE can’t really afford any more injuries at the moment.

Thinking on it, I strongly believe that WWE polls aren’t always as sincere as we’re led to believe. I think it’s all an attempt to makes us feel important and involved, but for me at least, it’s not working. All I feel is apathy when I think about the polls anymore, or at least make them matter more. My poll says that 100% of me is not impressed.

  • David Jr.

    Hulk Hogan is the greatest Champion in WWE history. If you look back at all of Stone Cold's greatest moments, majority of them were as the challenger, not as the Champion. But when Hulk Hogan was at his biggest, he was the WWF Champion.

    • robert delgado

      That is true. Now that HH appears done with TNA for real, maybe just maybe Vince will give us one more ride on the Hulkamania-go-round again. I suggest eventually HH vs Undertaker in a wheelchair match in an retirement home.