WWE Superstars Who Deserve Another Chance

WWE has a lot of excellent workers – those who are good not only in the ring but also on the mic.  There’s so much talent on the shows and it’s easy for people to get lost in the shuffle.  Here are a few that I think have just gotten lost that deserve a second look.  I won’t do these in any particular order so please don’t indict me for just putting them up as I think of them.  Anyway, here we go:



No, really, follow me here.  He’s been around for 7 years – getting his start as the Neighborhoodie – a by-the-numbers “hood” back in 2006.  He hooked up with Shad Gaspard in a tag team originally called the Gang Stars.  When called up from OVW, the Neighborhoodie became JTG and the team became Cryme Tyme – an absolutely ridiculous take on the “two-black-guys-getting-over” stereotype.  They did a lot of great vignettes – both showing off their personalities to great effect.  Eventually, Shad and JTG split with Shad declaring, “No more Cryme Tyme!  This is MY TIME!”  Shad went on to an extremely short and underwhelming feud with JTG before being released soon after in a “bulk release” that included a few other workers as well.

Where did this leave JTG?  Absolutely nowhere.  He hasn’t had a thing to do in years.  He showed up on the original incarnation of “NXT” (when it replaced ECW on SCI-FI) but, beyond that, nothing but jobs left and right.  He can talk and he can work.  He’s also been pretty classy about his lot in that he hasn’t gone on Twitter and whined about it ad-nauseum.  I think it’s a real shame he’s been lost in the shuffle and, while I doubt that will change, I really wish it would.

Tyson KiddTyson Kidd

As a worker, it’d be hard to come from better stock.  He’s the last to be trained at the Hart Dungeon, he did time in Europe and Japan, and was in Stampede Wrestling for a time too.  All of this should have equalled success…and it did…for a minute.  He showed up in WWE as part of the Hart Dynasty with David “Hart” Smith (son of Davey Boy) and Natalya “Nattie” Neidhart (daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart).  They were doing fairly well until the powers that be decided to turn Tyson heel.  While he was fairly convincing in that role, it didn’t get over and they tried a few other things with him before injury got him earlier this year.  Everyone involved lost as David was released  and Natalya floundered a bit too for a while before finally finding her stride.  Given the fact that David has had some rather negative things to say concerning his run in WWE, it’s doubtful he’ll ever be back.

In truth, Tyson can just flat out go.  He also proved he can talk a bit.  The trick, if WWE will give him a chance, is to find him the right gimmick to get him over.  Hopefully, they’ll give him a shot sooner than later.


Ezekiel Jackson

Is it possible to be any more lost than Big Zeke?  Things started off interestingly enough.  Five years ago, he debuted on TV as a linen-suit clad Ezekiel Jackson – bodyguard for The Brian Kendrick.  Kendrick and Jackson were eventually separated in the draft and Jackson has done several things since then.  He is the very last ECW Champion ever, a one-time Intercontinental champion, and he spent some time in the Corre before turning on the it’s members and going single.  He began the most epic of losing streaks and eventually disappeared from WWE TV altogether as a result of injury.  Apart from a Wrestlemania Axxess appearance, nary a whisper has been heard from him.  His main issue now is Big E – a character too similar to what Zeke is supposed to be.  Both were bodybuilders, both have the “monster” thing going on, and both are somewhat questionable on the mic, though Big E. has shown himself to be absolutely hilarious on WWE YouTube videos in the past.  Big E. was coming into his own while Zeke was injured – a fact which has done Mr. Jackson no favors.  Zeke comes across as a really nice man but his personality has no edge and he’ll need to find one in order to find his place on WWE TV.  I’m rooting for Big Zeke and hoping he can find a place to land.

Okay, those are just a few of WWE’s superstars I’d like to see more from.  Who would you like to see more from?

  • Decarlos

    Zeke seems to be the strangest situation in WWE he basically has been gone for over 2yrs and when he was IC champ he was pretty over with the fans I don’t know what happened to his momentum I would love to see him in a tag-team possibly with Big E I think that’s sumthing that could be successful

    • Ed

      Now *that* might not be a bad idea. The two of them in tag team could be interesting. Maybe call 'em Muscle, Inc.? I dunno, just throwing that out there. Let's just hope he can get back before WWE terminates him.

  • CJ Blaze

    I REALLY want Tyson Kidd to succeed when he comes back. At least a midcard title for a few months would please me.

    • Kiddlover12345


    • Ed

      Amen! He's really got a lot on the ball and it'd be very cool to see him get a midcard title run.

  • GARY

    where is Kelly Kelly is she coming back

  • Darren


  • Mike

    Yeah Kofi deserves a world title run.