WWE Superstars From A To Z


In my last article, called A To Z Of The WWE, I looked at WWE related things that started with each letter.  In this article, I will pick a superstar whose name that starts with each letter.  Why am I doing this you ask?  I’m all about helping the children learn their alphabet. 

A is for Andre the Giant.  Let’s start off with a man recognizable in an instant.  He was the biggest of them all. The 8th wonder of the world was over 7 feet tall.

B is for Bret “the Hitman” Hart. He made wrestling look like an art.  He was the excellence of execution in the WWE. He is the best there is, best there was and the best there ever will be.

C is for Chris Jericho.  I’m going to give you a fact that you may not know.  Chris Jericho was the first Undisputed Champion by defeating the Rock and Stone Cold in one night. Oh he’s said that many times, that’s right.

D is for Daniel Bryan.  His wrestling ability is second to none.  We’ve all said it, go on confess.  Lets all say it, YES! YES! YES!daniel-bryan-wwe-whc

E is for Edge.  He may have won some World Titles unfairly, I allege. But you do what ever you can, if winning is a must.  That why the rated R Superstar was the Ultimate opportunist.

F is for Fabulous Moolah.  She had the longest reign of any champion you ever saw.  WWE recognizes her first reign to be over 27 years.  It’s an unbreakable record so it appears.

G is for Goldust.  I wouldn’t call Dustin Rhodes early career a bust.  But, his Goldust character was a head of its time.  Even though he’s 45, his latest run might be his prime.

H is for Hulk Hogan. The most famous wrestler there has ever been.  He told you train, say your prayers and take your vitamins.  His ripped shirt collection is probably in the millions. wwe

I is for Iron Sheik.   He would tell you Iran was number one, every week.  To do his Persian clubs, you need a good grip.  He defeated Bob Backlund for the WWE Championship.

J is for John Cena. He is the current face of WWE and Raw. Word Championship in the WWE, he has won fifteen.  Love him or hate him, he’s one biggest names you’ve ever seen.

K is for Kane.  He loved to bring his opponents some pain.  The man who sometimes had a mask as part of his attire.  He also seems to really love fire.

L is for Lita. Her matches have always left the audience in awe.  When she was with the Hardy Boyz, she became a star.  Then she joined Edge and was now rated R.

M is for Macho Man Randy Savage.  He was anything but average.  It didn’t matter if he was the Macho Man or Macho King.  He knew how to go in the ring.

N is for Nikolai Volkoff.  You could call Rusev, a Nikolai rip-off.  He loved Russia before Rusev and Lana.  He also sang the national anthem of Russia.

O is for One Man Gang.  He was OMG before OMG became slang.  He and Big Bossman were once a tag team.  But that’s when he was known as Akeem.

P is for Pat Patterson.  Intercontinental Champion, he was the first one.  To be the first of anything, has to be huge.  To Attitude Era fans, he will always be a stooge.

Q is for Quebecer Jacques. Quebecer Pierre was part of his pack.  If there is only one thing left to say, if you please.  They’re not the Mounties.

R is for Rock. The Rock definitely knows how to talk.  He would say many catchphrases in the back or in the ring. If you smell what the Rock is cooking?

S is for Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The only man’s popularity who could rival Hulk Hogan.  Austin lead the WWE to the top in the era of Attitude.  He was the anti-hero who made it cool to be rude. stone cold stunner

T is for Triple H.  He was in Evolution with Naitch.  With Shawn Michaels in DX, wrestling would never be the same.  Stephanie McMahon’s husband is the Game.

U is for Undertaker.  Is there a gimmick any greater?  Undertaker’s gimmick always had a mystique.  Until this year, he had a Wrestlemania winning streak.

V is for Vader.  No not the father of Luke Skywalker.  I’m talking about the guy who caused Cactus Jack to lose his ear. He also had the White Castle of Fear.

W is for William Regal.  Great in the ring, plain and simple. If you are a William Regal fan. It’s because he’s a man, such a man, he’s a real, real man’s man.

X is for X-Pac.  Now there is a shock.  X isn’t a common letter to the start of name.  So X-Pac is who I will use for this game.

Y is for Yokozuna.  He wrestled in the first ever match on Raw.  He defeated Koko B. Ware.  WWE Championship, he won a pair.

Z is for Zack Ryder.  We are at the last letter.  I hope this articles is a hit.  Woo Woo Woo, you know it.

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