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NXT Stars Things on the horizon for the world of pro wrestling (because, honestly, the business does start and stop with WWE) are very bright, the future has so many possible things in store for the fans it’s insane. From second and third generation workers, siblings of current superstars and champions, and even the son of a legend in the world of music, there seems to be nothing but upside currently in the ranks of NXT. There are a few people who have caught my eye as potential superstars down the road, I’ve mentioned a few in different articles, and my goal in this one is to highlight a couple more who I haven’t really taken the time to get into until now. I’ve also listing what I expect of them upon their debut on television, including title reigns that I would like from each of them.

There’s a powerful young man working his way up the ranks in WWE, building up through NXT to his eventual date on the main roster. While I wish he would go with his real last name, as it would draw instant attention in the world of wrestling, his face alone is a dead giveaway of his family tree. The son of country music royalty, Garrett Dylan is a big, tough Texan who is destined to ascend to the top of the card someday in the future. I’m looking forward to his debut, as a fan of his father I would hope that he is able to get something licensed from his father as entrance music. It could be interesting to see how things go, hopefully by this time next year we’ll see Garrett Dylan (or Kristofferson, hopefully) in contention for a midcard title and starting the climb.

Another up and comer in NXT is the son of wrestling royalty, he’s got the look, the moves, and the genes to get ahead in the business. His father is the one and only Dragon, Ricky Steamboat. I’m obviously speaking of Richie Steamboat; he’s a very talented young man with a very bright upside. He worked some stellar matches in the FCW days against Seth Rollins, showing his prowess in the ring, sooner or later he’ll be coming to the main roster and impressing us all on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t mind seeing him and “Bo Dallas” work together for a little while, except “Dallas” would give up that gimmick and use the Rotunda name, giving their team a bit of a lineage to build off of for their futures. My hope is that these two men team up and get right into the tag title picture by the end of this year.

Lastly, the person I’m most intrigued by in the rankings of NXT is a young man who has a high probability of being a bit of a powerhouse and tearing up the ranks of the main roster as soon as he debuts. The son of a Mastodon, Jake Carter has everything it takes to become a top draw in the WWE down the road. The one thing I’ve noticed that MIGHT be a disadvantage is that he looks like a bigger version of The Miz, although that could help if they decided to bring him in with a bodyguard gimmick of some sort. As the son of Vader he’s already got me as a fan, I’m one of those weird people who are proud to admit they were a big fan of the masked monster. As I’ve said with the others, I would love to see him use his family name in some way, but then again nobody ever really called Vader by his real name, so it might be a bit tricky to go by White and expect people to pick up the connection. I think, with the proper grooming, he could step in as a master of the powerbomb just like his father, becoming a World Champion within the next 2 years.

There are clearly other workers who are in development and climbing the ranks of pro wrestling as I write this article. The likes of Kassius Ohno, Bray Wyatt, and as a trademark filed by WWE may suggest even Colin Cassidy (Crush Couture?) are already starting their ascension, may be coming to television soon. I’m very optimistic for what we’ll be seeing as time goes on, and Triple H actually seems to be the best man for the job of replacing Vince once he’s gone. It would seem that he’s more interested in making the company based on workers over just being built like a monster, also he’s taking steps to give them the best opportunity to heal and rehab current main roster stars while building up new stars. I’m living in central Florida, just outside of the new hub of WWE, if they actually go forward with the physical Hall of Fame, I’ll be sitting there at WrestleMania every single time it’s in my area. Hopefully I’ll be watching Kristofferson, Steamboat, Rotunda, and Carter somewhere on that showcase. For once, the future of the WWE is bright you’ve got to wear shades.

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