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Labor Day is almost here. Where I’m from, that means children are going back to school. Over the summer, children may forget a few things that they learned in school from the previous year. As WWENews.net resident nursery rhymer, I write this article to help those who forgot their alphabet. This is the A to Z of the WWE.

A is for announcers. From Gorilla Monsoon to Jim Ross to Michael Cole and all of those in between, WWE has had many announcers.   Announcers call the action in the ring.

B is for broadcast journalist. WWE may have had many announcers, but they’ve only had one broadcast journalist. He is of course the great Bobby “the Brain” Heenan.

C is for Championship. WWE has 5 championships, currently. The biggest is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

D is for Divas. Divas are female wrestlers part of the WWE. The Divas fight for the Divas Championship.

E is for entertainment. WWE is about entertainment. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Well it used to, now I think it’s just letters.

F is for finishing maneuver.   To end a match, a wrestler must hit his finishing maneuver. Stone Cold Stunner was Stone Cold Steve Austin’s finishing maneuver.

G is for Giants. WWE has had many giants wrestle in the ring. Giant Gonzalez, Big Show and Great Khali are a few. But none are more famous then the 8th wonder of the world, Andre the Giant.

H is for Hall of Fame. WWE inducts people into the Hall of Fame, the night before Wrestlemania. Andre the Giant in 1993 was first the first inductee.

I is for Intercontinental Championship. The Intercontinental Championship is a mid-card title in the WWE. The first Intercontinental Champion was Pat Patterson.

J is for jabroni. Jabroni is a term that the Rock used many times. It also refers to a loser of a match.

K is for Kings. WWE has had many Kings. Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Haku, Macho Man Randy Savage and Mabel are some of the few kings in WWE history.

L is for ladders. WWE has had many ladder matches. While many think Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon was the first ladder match in WWE history. It actually was Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart.

M is for Merchandise. Go to WWEshop.com and find many different type of WWE merchandise. T-shirts, hats, blu-rays, books and toys are some WWE related merchandise.

N is for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. I don’t know if you know this, but you can get the WWE Network for $9.99.   That’s$9.99 a month for a 6 month commitment. wwe

O is for over the top rope. The Royal Rumble is every January. To win the Royal Rumble, you must be the last man standing after 29 other men were thrown over the top rope.

P is for pin fall. Pin fall is probably the most common way you can win a match. You have to pin your opponent for three seconds to win a match.

Q is for Queen. While not as many as Kings, WWE has had some queens. Sharmell and Sherri Martel were two queens in WWE history.

R is for Raw. Since 1993, Raw has aired on Monday Nights. Raw has aired over 1,100 episodes.

S is for Smackdown. Smackdown is the other weekly television show of the WWE. Smackdown’s name came from one of the Rock’s many catchphrases.

T is for Tribute to the Troops. Every December, the WWE puts on Tribute to the Troops. It is a show for the men and women who serve for the US military.

U is for Universe. WWE likes to call its fans, the WWE Universe. Since I write for WWEnews.net, I therefore am part of that Universe.

V is for Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon took the WWWF from a regional company and turned it into the WWE, a worldwide company.   Without Vince, wrestling is completely different.

W is for Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is WWE’s biggest event of the year. It is held in either late March or early April.

X is for X-Division Champion. Rob Van Dam is the only wrestler on the current WWE roster to ever hold the TNA X-Division Championship. Jerry Lynn, Brian Kendrick, Kurt Angle and X-Pac are also former X-Division Champions who have wrestled in the WWE.

Y is for Yellow. In the late 80’s and early 90s, the WWE had to throw away a lot of ripped up yellow shirts. Hulk Hogan apparently didn’t know how to take off a shirt. wwe

Z is for zoo. WWE has had a share of zoo animals on their roster. You had snakes, vipers, rattlesnakes, brahma bulls, hip hop hippos, battle kats, mini-bulls and gorillas to name a few.

Now you know your abc’s of the WWE.

Next time won’t you sing with me?

If you don’t really want to sing.

Then let’s go one on one in the ring.

WWE’s alphabet has been fun.

Now your learning for today is done.

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  • Adam Eaton

    I would have done J for Jobber O for Over and T for table and X for eXtreme rules just to not use a TNA division in this article.

    • David Jr.

      I just did whatever the first thing that came to me.