Zack Ryder Tries It Again And Will Fail Again

If there is one wrestler in WWE today I can’t stand and want shoved out in front of a bus never to be seen or heard from again, it is Zack Ryder. I have never gotten the appeal to him. He’s an awful wrestler, terrible character, and his charisma is very so-so at best. Zack Ryder has forgotten something very important. Getting over with the IWC or Internet fans is all fine and dandy but in the end of the day all you have done is appealed to 10% at most of WWE”s audience. The other 90% AKA the General and Casual Fans will not buy into something as boring and cookie cutter as Zack Ryder’s Long Island Iced Z gimmick. Not when they can turn on MTV or another similar channel and see the same thing anytime they want. You have to make them care about you and that is an ability that Zack Ryder simply does not possess.

Zack Ryder has launched another Youtube video show called Zack Ryder’s Last ReZort. This is an attempt to get back on Raw and Smackdown and PPV’s and try to regain his former glory that his Z! True Long Island Story show got him. I was not nor have I ever been a fan of Zack Ryder’s. It’s my opinion he didn’t deserve the US Title Run he got and nothing pleased me more than seeing Kane Chokeslam him through the stage ending his push sending him back to where he belongs at catering. So let’s get to this video and see what all the hoopla is about.

Zack Ryder explained it was his dream to be a WWE Superstar. He said on May 1st 2007 he made his debut on WWE TV. For 3 and a half years he says he wasn’t “living the Dream” his friends and family were congratulating him on, but was in fact living a lie. His dream wasn’t to just be on the Roster, it wasn’t just to not have an action figure, it wasn’t just to show up on a Monday Night and cross his fingers to hope for a match on Raw. It was to be a Champion, WWE Champion, to Main-Event Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs, even to Main-Event Wrestlemania. So Zack Ryder Started Z: True Long Island Story to create an opportunity for himself. One that eventually would see him claim that he was The Internet Champion and to win the WWE United States Championship. He was living the dream but now in the last 2 years the dream has turned into a nightmare and he is right back where he started from.

He says when he walks out it’s now Who Who Who instead of WOO WOO WOO as it used to be. He’s back to having to make his shirts and not having any merchandise. He says he can either roll over and play dead while waiting for his contract to run out (no Fire Edict anyone?) or he can try to one last hurrah and go down with a fight. So he will try this again but this time it will not be a happy-go-lucky show like Z! True Island Story was. No this is not the Ryder Revolution this is the Ryder Evolution.

Zack Ryder continues to show that he doesn’t get why his first run failed so badly even with people like Cena trying to help him get over with the average fans. He has no ability to connect to ordinary everyday fans and without this he’ll never be anything more than an also-ran. I don’t know when his contract is up but the sooner it ends the better in my view so I don’t have to deal with hearing about this mind-numbing idiot of a character anymore and the fanboys that worship the ground he walks on. I have 6 words for Zack Ryder. Woo Woo Woo You Blew It.

Sometimes I enjoy taking a stance that is against the grain and spits in the face of the majority opinion. Here I felt the need to say what I feel needed to be said about Zack Ryder. He is a talentless hack with no redeeming qualities that are needed to be a successful professional wrestler. Ryder is Irrelevant, always has been and always will be. I’ve seen reports that whenever he manages to actually be on TV Raw or Smackdown proceeds to lose 150,000 viewers. I think that speaks volumes his drawing ability or should I say lack thereof. Zack Ryder should be appericative that he even has a job at this point with the largest Pro Wrestling Company in the world today. Instead of whining in a Youtube video about how he’s lost his spot perhaps he should be asking to go to NXT and the WWE Performance Center and work on a new character and his skills and get better then and only then may he get another shot and succeed. Whinning, Moaning, and Crying will get no one anywhere in this business. Zack Ryder still has a lot to learn and if he isn’t careful he won’t have a job to learn it from.

  • Tyler

    BRUTAL!!! I love it!!! I can't help but totally agree with this.

  • Squiggles

    Appealing to fans on the internet is actually a good thing – not sure if you noticed, but everything WWE do now is catered towards the internet; HHH plays out his character in online videos, the WWE App is a featured part of the 'universe' where many promos and storylines and taken further, and the future of the WWE itself is based on the internet with the Network… hardly reason to discount the so-called 'IWC'

    BTW according to some reports, Daniel Bryan also loses hundreds of thousands of viewers when on Raw – so think of those what you will.

    The fact is, Zack Ryder worked his butt off to get time on TV and despite getting himself over without any help from WWE, he still couldn't get any TV time. Until the fans started chanting his name at The Rock and John Cena – then all of a sudden he was brought on to TV so he could be buried mercilessly.

    Show where he has whined and complained. And if he has, is it moreso than the 'IWC's beloved Dolph Ziggler? Or how about HHH and Shawn Michaels – you aware they complained they were held back for years? HHH even used it for his main character in 1999.

    At least he is still trying, which is the very thing the writers on this site were recently complaining today's superstars don't do…

  • christopher525

    Not a bad article overall, but I do have to disagree with a couple things, one being the thought that Ryder is a terrible worker. He's actually pretty damn solid in the ring, he's just kept from growing his gimmick in the past. I don't agree with you on how you feel, but it is your opinion. Also, calling him a talentless hack is a bit much, he's not a giant representing a country where WWE is trying to gain fans, he's an average sized guy from Long Island, he wouldn't be in WWE and would have never held any titles if he didn't have talent. Keep up the writing, and by all means take shots, but be careful not to go too far or you may alienate readers, that's not a good idea.

  • Tyler

    He's starting to remind me of Buff Bagwell.

  • robert delgado

    zack is an ok wrestler, maybe better suited for tna. face it wwe don’t seem to give a damn about him or his character so maybe he should get a fresh start in another wrestling. nothing, not even a john cena endorsement seemed to help ryder for long. how long can ryder hold on in a job where no one gives a damn and won’t use him? i think wwe wants him to quit and sooner or later he may get that and do just that…..or not. woo woo woooo, i quit!!!

  • Mark.C

    I’m not a fan of Ryder. He did manage to make it on to Raw for a while based on his YouTube success but it didn’t translate in the ring and that is something that shouldn’t be ignored. You need to be more than a gimmick with a catchphrase. Ryder is not a terrible wrestler but he’s not that good either and despite his comedic ability on his show, he doesn’t cut a good promo. It might be too late to repackage him, but he can turn his gimmick in his favor by being the heel that doesn’t realize how annoying he is by constantly making social media references.

    On a side note, don’t change your writing style or suppress your opinion. Let those who like it read it, and those who don’t can read something else.

    • Matt Kunka

      I don't think his writing needs improving. I've noticed some comments being deleted but some people like to be more rude than others. This isn't that place. This is a family friendly place. Although I wrote an article PRO Zack Ryder's new gimmick, I love this article and kinda agree. Despite his strides, he's reliance on the IWC to back him isn't going to push his career forward. At best he'll stay where he is and at worst he'll be on the indie circuit. Plus,he's gotta be getting old. His skin makes him look like he's near 40.

      • Squiggles

        I disagree – I posted a comment on one article a few days ago with no rudeness at all but it was deleted. The only thing I can see was I disagreed with what the writer had to say and pointed out the flaws of their argument. Instead of engaging or offering rebuttal, he just deleted my comment. That's pathetic. It is the same thing Joshua has done here and other "writers" on this site have been doing.

        You are all writing opinion pieces, not real journalism, so you should expect differing opinions

        • Matt Kunka

          I wrote the article about WWE Network trolls and there were disagreements with my article and all was fine and then I woke up the next morning and all the comments were removed except one. I love debates and arguments so long as they don't get personal. Someone called a few of us wannabe writers and I can see that being upsetting. Personally, that's a spit in my face because I have 7 books published, wrote for a few other professional sites (one video gaming and one political) and am almost at my Bachelor's degree for writing.

          I welcome debates, though. However, I do hate my article about WWE Network trolls, I worded it all so poorly, lol. Oh well. Disagreements are okay. Attacking someone isn't.

        • kbunyon

          Until you do the hard work of my writers, you have no right to attack them personally, which you have been doing, and doing quite a bit of. Do not attack the writers for removing some of your trolling comments, because that job lies solely with me.

          I hired these writers, and I will defend their rights to their opinions to the ends of the earth. Disagreement and debate is great, but attacking my writers is not, and won't be tolerated. So don't attack my writers for nasty comments being removed, they have nothing to do with it.